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Nagova (The Sith Order RP)

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Nagova (The Sith Order RP)

Post by Rocknbaseball on April 17th 2013, 21:07

Name: Nagova (means mythic seeker)
Race: Wookie (yes Im serious)
Faction: None
Ranking/Position: None

Height: 7ft 2in
Build: Very well built, like most wookies
Age: 266 years old

Hair color: Mostly dark brown with two white strips running from the sides of his head to his chest. Has black hair on his feet and hands.
Hair style: 4 dreads that reach his chest in length
Eye color: Golden

Clothing/Armour: White shoulder pads that are connected by two straps running through the chest and thats it.

Combat Specialty: Bowcaster and a Wookie Disruptor rifle.
Weapon Characteristics: Bowcaster has been modified to fire blaster bolts requiring no magazine.

Force Level: None
Force Specialty: None
Lightsaber Characteristics: None

Prelude Information: Nagova was part of the Wookie Trade Guild from 128 BBY to 28 BBY. He was in the battle of the trade guild when the Trade Federation attacked after the guild had refused a tax from the Federation. After the destruction of the guild he decided to become an adventurer and travel the galaxy with the large amounts of money he accumulated. This is when he met Gwig, an Ewok. When Nagova was at Endor he was attacked by a Kurnbeast. The animal was attacked by Gwig, who set off a trap of falling logs. Nagova was very grateful for Gwig and they became friends. Gwig was in exile from his village and Nagova decided to bring him in his adventures. Nagova returned to Kashyyyk with Gwig on 20 BBY. The following year Nagova assisted in the Battle of Kashyyyk in the city of Kachirho. Nagova, later in the battle, had heard that the clone troopers tried to kill Jedi master Yoda. He immediatley fleed the city with Gwig sensing that something very wrong was happening. The Galactic Empire took control and enslaved the Wookies. Since then Nagova has been hiding from The Empire with Gwig.

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