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Star Wars Eras Information

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Star Wars Eras Information

Post by DaBigestBob on February 7th 2012, 14:59

25,000 – 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin

The Old Republic was the legendary government that united a galaxy under the rule of the Senate.
In this era, the Jedi are numerous, and serve as guardians of peace and justice.
The Tales of the Jedi comics take place in this era, chronicling the immense wars fought by the Jedi of old, and the Empire of the Ancient Sith who sought domination.

1,000 – 0 years before the Battle of Yavin

For a thousand years, the Galactic
Republic maintained democracy in the galaxy with
the Jedi as its guardians of peace and justice. But a Sith plot,
a millennia in the making, engulfs the galaxy in the Clone Wars, leading to
the ascendancy of the Emperor and the fall of the Jedi. This is the era that contains the prequel trilogy

0 – 5 years after the Battle of Yavin

An outcry of resistance begins to spread across
the galaxy in protest to the new Empire's tyranny. Cells
of the Rebellion fight back, and the Galactic Civil War begins.
This era begins with the Rebel victory that secured the Death Star plans,
now known as the Battle of Yavin, and ends a year after the death of the Emperor
high over the forest moon of Endor. The Rebellion starts to reform itself into a body of government,
first as the Alliance of Free Planets, and later the New Republic. This is the era that contains the classic trilogy.

5 – 25 years after the Battle of Yavin

Having defeated the Empire at the Battle of Endor,
the Rebel Alliance must now transform itself from a militant resistance
force into a functioning galactic government. As Imperial territory is reclaimed,
the New Republic suffers growing pains, having to fend off insurrections, Imperial loyalists, and
wayward warlords. Also, Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi, begins training apprentices, rebuilding the Jedi order.

25 – 30 years after the Battle of Yavin

The Jedi Knights are now a hundred strong.
The New Republic has signed a peace treaty with what little remains
of the Empire. The galaxy is finally enjoying a peaceful respite from decades of war.
It's at this time that a horrible alien menace invades the Republic from beyond known space.
The Yuuzhan Vong lay waste to entire worlds in their scourge, as depicted in the novels of the New Jedi Order.

Legacy of the Force
37 – 140 years after the Battle of Yavin

This is the era of Luke Skywalker's legacy:
The Jedi Master has unified the order into a cohesive group of
powerful Jedi Knights. Coruscant has begun to undergo reconstruction from the
Yuuzhan Vong invasion, and the Galactic Alliance weathers internal pressures. However, as this era begins,
planetary interests threaten to disrupt this time of relative peace and Luke is plagued by visions of an approaching darkness.

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