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Lady Alexis(:

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Lady Alexis(:

Post by Agent Shadow on March 30th 2012, 02:42

Name: (former) General Alexis Changrii
Age: (Human years) 22 (Demon years) 230
Affiliation: The Sith Empire/ former general of Zamorak
Postion: Head Diplomat
Origin: Gilenor, from Al Kharid
Species: Human/Demon

Physical Profile
Height: 5' 10"
Eye Color: Gold
Weight: ask a girl her weight...?
Build: Female warrior


The former general of Zamorak, Lady Alexis left after becoming bored with the god of Chaos' plans of world conquest. Her brother, known as Zamorak's Elite, took over as general. An enraged Alexis returned from her leave and bested her brother in a duel. She then returned her role as General. Saddened, she never found anyone who could best her.

Days later, her brother returned, saying something about an Empire, and begged her to join. She refused, not wanting to leave her comrades behind. After days of constant requests, she agreed so long she was bested in a duel. The first Sith member stood near little chance against her. Just as she began to loose interest, she was then challenged by this empires leader, who addressed himself as the "Lord of the Sith." She left Gilenor on her flagship the Shadow of Intent and entered the place called Korriban, which she heard rumors and stories of a dark evil originating from this place. She met the dark lord, and began a duel.

She was shocked that she was bested, since she couldn't remember the last time she was. She tried again, and she was defeated yet again. She didn't have much choice, so she asked him to duel on her ship. She defeated him, but just barely. Angrily, she left and returned to Gilenor. She had two options: Join this new and rising Empire, or stay on Gilenor and be used as a pawn by the God of Chaos. She left, and joined the Empire.

She serves the Empire as both a skilled warrior and the head diplomat.

Happily ever after Smile

Agent Shadow
Agent Shadow

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