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Post by Guest on May 10th 2012, 12:50

Name: General Dhai'gon Changrii
Age: 16
Affiliation: The Sith Empire/ General of Zamoraks Armies
Postion: Knight of the Empire
Origin: Gilenor
Species: Mahjarrat

Physical Profile
Height: 6' 1" (human form), 7" 2' (Mahjarrat form)
Eye Color: Brown (human form), Red (Mahjarrat form)
Weight: 170 (human form), 230 (Mahjarrat form)
Build: Athletic (human form) Undead (Mahjarrat form)

(Picture to be inserted)

Born a natural warrior, Dhai'gon comes from pure Mahjarrat blood. His sister (simply named Alexis), however, is half human and half demon, since his father screwed a mortal woman. Like all Mahjarrat, he has the ability to conceal his true form by disguising himself to look like a human. He is one of the few men that charges head-first into combat along with his comrades, rather then stay back at a safe distance. He is respected by many and feared by many more. His sister is one of the few that can defeat him in combat, which is why she was always General. One of his most outstanding achievements was aiding Zamorak himself in the Fall of Ghorrock and successfully defeating Zaros.

When Dhai'gon met the empire, the Sith Lord recognised his talent in combat and immediately recruited him into the Sith Empire. He beckoned his sister to join him, but she declined, then eventually joined.

Recently, his actions and skill in combat has earned him the title Knight of the Empire. He only aims to get better and someday beat his sister in combat.

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