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Gods Among Us RP

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Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 17th 2013, 10:42

Hello everyone. I have decided to form a new RP, as the Post-Apocalyptic RP is about to reach its climax, in my opinion. This RP is going to be quite different, as it nearly requires god-modding of a sort. However, there are still specific rules and a template to follow.


1. No God-Modding

This may require some explanation. While most of the characters in the RP will be a god, there are still limitations and certain things that must be avoided. First off, your character cannot be impossible to kill or anywhere near that status. Nothing similar to an impenetrable barrier, a carbon shield or immunity to all powers of a sort is allowed. You also cannot create abilities for your character in a situation where it may seem necessary. For example, instead of saying something like, "As soon as [insert name here] launched the fireball at [insert your character's name here], he/she absorbed and became impervious to all forms of fire. Fearless, he/she marched towards the combatant. The enemy was frozen from [insert your character's name here]'s ability to shut down the brain's control over the body." That is unfair to your opponent, and completely ridiculous. Instead, try something like this, "As soon as [insert name here] launched the fireball at [insert your character's name here], he/she flipped to the side to avoid the full force of the fireball." This is more believable and is more fair to your opponent. Secondly, your character cannot have any sort of attack that can kill another character in one strike.

2. No Triple Posting

If you have just posted either your character template or any story post, you cannot make two consecutive posts after the first. You must either wait for someone else to post, or attempt to condense the posts into a larger one. This rule is set in place to prevent one person from dominating the RP, and to allow weaker posters fair posting time. The only exception to this rule is if someone joins later in the RP and needs to catch up.

3. No Involuntary Involvement

No characters can be involved in your character's story without the creator of the character's consent. This rule was made to prevent characters to be dragged into allegiances or hostile relations with other characters they did not wish to be involved with. If, however, you receive the other character's consent in the OCC Thread or elsewhere, feel free to incorporate the other character into your posts. This rule may be disregarded with characters your character has already met and knows enough about to form a generalization.

4. Date Your Posts

Please remember to post at least the year, month and date for each post you make. Of course, the exact hour or minute isn't necessary, but if you feel the need to express this, go right ahead. Also, if you are going to record dates in a different time form, please post a rough conversion to the dates the rest of the posters are using.

5. No Offensive Material

While emotion (and swearing) is both permitted and encouraged, please remember we may have a lady or two in our presence. Refrain from using words or themes that may offend others. This rule's main purpose is to prevent my virgin eyes from reading something rather mature. Lol...


- Stick to the Storyline

- Keep the genre constant

- Use your imagination

- Create a character you are interested in, not a story-buffer


If you are found breaking one of the rules, your status is taken into consideration by the other posters. If you are convicted of an offense, one of the following may occur.

- Warning and Recommendation (For first time offenders) -

You will simply be warned and told to edit your post.

- Warning and Moderation -

Your post will edited by a moderator and you will be given another warning.

- Warning and Deletion -

Your post will be deleted and you will be given your final warning.

- Banishment -

You will be banned from the RP and all future RP's, if deemed necessary.

Whew! That's all for the rules. Not too much, I hope. Anyway, template will be up later.

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Post by Guest on January 17th 2013, 19:48

Hello everyone. This is the template that will be required every poster in the RP must follow. To provide for some clarification, I will give a brief description of the RP



Alright. Here's the template.

Name: (Insert Name of Character Here)

God Type: (Insert God Specification Here) [Basically tell what your god is the god of. Examples: Fire, Time, Death, Anger, The Moon, Hawks.]

Age: (Insert Maturity Appearance Here) [Because it would be difficult to find your god's date of birth, just put how old they choose to look.]

Hair Color: (Insert God's Hair Color Here)

Eye Color: (Insert God's Eye Color Here)

Race: (Insert God's Assumed Race Here)

Physique: (Insert God's Build Here)

Abilities: (Insert God's Powers Here)

Alternate Form: (Describe God's Alternate Form Here, If Necessary) [Optional. More for gods who are the god of a specific animal.]

Backstory: (Insert Additional Information On God's Origin Here)

Miscellaneous: (Insert Any Additional Information About Your God You Feel We Need To Know)

Whew! Alrighty then! I'll make the first god.


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 17th 2013, 20:29

Name: Eryon (Pronounced er-EE-on)

God Type: Primarily - Order; Secondary - Energy

Age: 24

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Frosty Blue

Race: English

Physique: Muscled, but Thin

Abilities: Immense Strength, Lightning Quick Reactions, Incredible Speed, Enhanced Healing Abilities, Telekinesis, Manipulation of Raw Energy

Alternate Form: None

Backstory: Since the beginning of time, Eryon's job has been to keep order in the land. His swift justice is dealt to monsters, humans, and even minor gods. Eryon is often called emotionless, but in his defense, he does feel strongly about purging the land. He prefers to work alone and has never loved anyone.

Miscellaneous: Wears a white outfit, no matter what time period it is; Can be recognized by ice-colored cross on his garments; Wields a short blade known as Judgement


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 17th 2013, 20:46


Will write later.

My God type is Time and Organic.

Prepare for obsessive amount of OP-ness!


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 18th 2013, 00:50

Looking forward to this one!

Name: Charon

God Type: Death, "Gatekeeper of the Underworld."

Age: mid 20's

Hair Color: spiky black

Eye Color: Hazel

Race: Caucasian/American

Physique: Average

Abilities: Freely control fire, able to conjure his scythe, swarm (similar to Kryll in Gears of War), able to "steal" the souls of Mortals, that is, if it is their "time."

Alternate Form: When enraged, he can become a fire elemental (completely made of fire).

Backstory: When the Underworld came to existence, HE needed someone to guide the souls into the beyond. That was when Charon was created.

When it is time for a mortal to move on into the Underworld, it is Charon's duty to make sure they make it there... whether they want to or not. Of course, if it is a pure spirit (which is very rare) he is not the one to ferry them to Elysium, someone else does that... to his dismay...

Despite his role, he cannot stand to see injustice, and deals out quick punishment to those unlucky enough to sin before his eyes.

Miscellaneous: Charon roams the earth freely, and while he does the souls of the departed wait in Limbo, hence the reason why there are ghosts, spirits, phantoms, poltergeist, etc. When HE decides there are too many in Limbo, he summons Charon to open the gates for those to move beyond. While in his human form, the only way to know his true identity is the tattoo on his arm that reads Satan's portario. Often wears hoodie's. As does every other creature of the Underworld, he bears a weakness to Holy objects.


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Goldenbudda21 on January 18th 2013, 02:57

//sure, I try and start with a clean slate.//

Name: Bear Claw (Tomahawk for those outside his tribe)

God Type: God of Wildlife.

Age: Young age. //Think of Kokuum from Pocahontas//

Hair Color: Black hair. Long, with some in pigtails with beads.

Eye Color: Brown eyes (pure white in other forms)

Race: Native American

Physique: //young Indian. Like I said, think kokuum//

Abilities: Able to shapeshift into the wildlife of the world. In human form, he can call upon the strength and weaknesses of the wildlife. http://i.e. Heavy lifting to that of an elephant, speed of that of a cheetah. Is limited by the animals limits. Elephants can't lift houses. And can only use one ability at a time and each one requires a cooldown time.//
•if this is too much...please tell me respectively so that I can make adjustments.

Alternate Form: the form of animal chosen

Origin: Born of an ancient tribe, the Kirkun, he was cursed by an ancient spirit when he killed animals for pleasure. Now, centuries after his tribes passing, he is forced to care for the animals of the world, bear their strengths and weaknesses and to feel the pain of each and every animal when they feel it. http://i.e. He feels pain when animals die.//

//again, feel free to respectively tell me if I need to make changes.//

Speak softly and carry a big stick...or light saber, whichever.

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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 22nd 2013, 16:11

//Epsi said I could start things off//

Club Envoy
Khotkov, Moscow Oblast, Russia.
Charon always liked these club scenes. The loud music and erotic dancing always reminded him of the weaknesses of the human mind. Nonetheless, he always enjoyed himself here. He always wore his standard outfit, his black hoodie and worn jeans. He kept his hair a spiky black, a standard outfit for most Russians around his age. Of course, his HUMAN age, he doubted any Russian was as old as him, or any human for that matter. Hell, he was older than a lot of other Gods as well, since he's been around since the creation of the Underworld. He was dancing, when he saw the shadowy apparition of Him.

Charon. His voice echoed, visible and hear-able only to Charon, Limbo is becoming full. You are needed.

He always hated His impeccable timing, but he never dared question His orders, nor hesitated. He created him, He could take his life away just as easily. Must be nice to be god of the Underworld.

{I must leave now, Tanya.} He told the girl he was dancing with.
{Awe, surely you can stay for just a while longer.}
{I wish, but I have... things... I must attend to.} He said, and departed. Once he was a good distance from any human, he uttered a chant and returned to his fiery form. He stepped through a portal, and it brought him to a world very much like Earth, but instead it was slightly grayer in color and it was populated with ghosts.

"Alright, time to move on." he said, and a gate appeared and he opened it. The souls wailed as they were sucked in, and soon every soul on earth was sucked in. As he closed the gates, the plane already began to fill. He walked through where he came, and returned to his human form.

He decided where to go next. Russia bored him, perhaps he should go back to America? He contemplated this, while he walked along the empty streets alone.


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 22nd 2013, 18:46

DATE: FEBRUARY 11, 2016 (For sake of not having to deal with current events, this will take place in the very near future.)

Eryon leaned against the stone wall of a stout stone building in the slums of London. Rain was falling at a steady, yet bearable pace, and the skies were painted a fair gray. It was nearing dusk, and it was quite dark in the alley Eryon was standing in. A few sewer rats came out from a grate and the alley, and squeaked and fled when they noticed Eryon. His hand was in a tight fist, and a light blue energy radiated from it.

Anytime now...

A small black car drove down the brick road in front of Eryon, and he quickly scanned the passengers. None matched the description he was searching for. After a few more minutes, (and a large amount of cars), an elegant Mercedes pulled up in front of the building Eryon was leaning on. From where he was, Eryon could not see the car, but judging from its passengers, he guessed it was who he was searching for.

Four car doors slammed, but Eryon knew at least five beings exited the vehicle. As he stood and walked out of the alley, he heard hissing voices and the crack of tight joints. Suddenly, a short sword appeared in Eryon's hand. His long white cloak whipped behind him as he lunged towards out of the alley and into the street.

Five, then?

Eryon quickly turned around and saw five tall, tan-skinned men in long, dark jackets and black jeans congregating around the Mercedes. Two of them hissed at him. Their eyes were black and stone-like. The largest one spoke, "We know you have been hunting us-s-s-s..." Eryon stared them down from across the street and shrugged. "It only makes it easier to find you that way," Eryon said indifferently. These beasts, called Nightmares, were demons that tormented and tortured humans. Usually, they were not an issue, but these had become arrogant, and needed to be eliminated.

"You have nearly allowed the humans to discover our existence," Eryon said, "And for this you must pay." Two Nightmares pulled out deadly scimitars from their cloak and charged Eryon. He hurried to meet them in the middle of the street with a twirling strike. One of the Nightmares was caught in the neck, and blood gushed from the wound. The other managed to parry the strike, and Eryon danced away from the Nightmare's flurry of slashes.

The Nightmare that had fallen gargled blood, and Eryon launched a bolt of energy towards him. A blue explosion erupted from the attack, and the Nightmares hissed at the light. Taking advantage of this, Eryon elegantly swung his sword across his chest and split the scimitar-wielding Nightmare in half.


The body disintegrated into a fine reddish dust. Two of the Nightmares began to run through the alley, but the largest one remained on the other side of the street. "Damn you! Kuthnak and Vyeent will be avenged!" he hissed wildly. Suddenly, the Nightmare began to shred his garments. The Nightmare had large claws, as well as menacing fangs. His skin was redder than the others, and tall horns rose from his head as he grew to full size. A spiked tail shot from the base of his spine and casually danced around. The Nightmare was now roughly eight feet tall, and could crush a bus if he so desired.

However, Eryon knew the Nightmares to be beings of fear and despair, and weren't a danger to most gods, except in groups. The Nightmare shot a hot jet of fire towards Eryon, and the rain hissed as it hit the flames. Eryon dodged the blast at an incredible speed and jumped into the air. As he fell, Eryon shot a bolt of energy at the Nightmare. He blocked it with his arms, but cried out in pain from the light.

Eryon landed on the Nightmare's shoulders and plunged the blade into its thick skull. Moments later, it fell limp, then disintegrated. Eryon brushed the dust off of his expensive white pants. "Great. These are ruined," he said quietly to himself. He knew that he would most likely have to track the Nightmares through London to complete the Execution, but after all, he was the god of Order.


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Goldenbudda21 on January 23rd 2013, 01:00

Chapter 1: No Problems
Character: Bear Claw (Tom A. Hawk)
Setting: New York's Central Banking Tower
Date: February 11, 2016

"Well, Mr. Hawk, you seem to be just what we are looking for." A rather large blading man in a very expensive suit clamored from across a cheery wood desk.
"Thank you Mr. Chambers. I have much time to devote to such a project." Tom stood up. Young, tan, jet black hair, and a suit, he was ready to begin. He shook Mr. Chamber's hand.
"Welcome aboard."
"Thank you sir."
"You start tomorrow. You have seen your office, you can begin moving in."
"Thank you sir."

Tom exited the office. 'Pathetic.' Tom thought. 'Just a waste of my time and intelligence. To have to mingle and sustain invisibility with these...tortuous wastes of air.' Tom walked into the bathroom. 'I am a hunter of the Kirkun...and I have to be around these disgusting brings...sickening." Tom walked into a stall, a young man, about the same build as Tom was laying in the stall naked with two large bite marks in his face. Tom spat on him right before his body melted into the form of a king cobra. He slithered across the bathroom floor and down a drain. He followed the drain all the way to the sewers. Then, on exited, he morphed into a rather large rat and began to scurry through the sewers until he reached a drainage pipe. At the exit, he kept into the air and sprouted wings and as a falcon he flew off towards the forests of Canada.

He landed in the forests retiring to his human form, the cursed form. He walked, with nothing but moccasin skin pants on into a cave. As he ventured deeper a large bear was sleeping. "Alonaho." He said as he greeted the bear. The bear nudged him and went back to sleep. Bear Claw sat by a fire and began to eat some freshly killed rabbit. Though he was one with animals, he couldn't give up the need to eat them...he was still a hinter at heart, and for him to kill an animal caused him so much pain that only he could appreciate their worth.

"Soon, Dagra," He said to the bear, "Soon their will be no worries." He ate another bite of the rabbit. "These pathetic creatures should bow before me as they did before centuries before...bow to me and all like me. But, too many like me love these dust creations. I will eradicate them one day. Or they will bow. But for now, we have no worries, a day will.come."

Speak softly and carry a big stick...or light saber, whichever.

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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 23rd 2013, 13:28

New York City, New York, America
February 11th, 2016

Charon looked from the penthouse window on Wall Street. He smiled at all the humans, driving mostly.

"And people wonder how these Americans are so fat!" He chuckled to himself, "Take away their vehicles, and they would crumble."

Thanks to his easy control over the feeble human mind, money was not a problem. He missed the days where one would barter for goods, that he did not cheat, he enjoyed the spirit of the game. Now, if you don't have the green, you are nothing. He sighed at that thought. When Humans came to existence, he expected so much... more from them. It seemed that, as time went on they became more reliant on other things, rather than strong and independent like they were back then.

"Technology has doomed you all, I'm afraid to say." He said to himself out loud, "and it has made you barbarians. One person says the wrong thing to another, and there is a war."

There was a knock on the door, and he changed back to his human form and went to open it. When he did, there was a mail man with a package.

"Is this the Patrinko residence?" He asked. Charon smiled. He already knew something was up. Being very observant, in the 5 seconds he opened the door he knew the man was not who he claimed to be. His dreadlocks went down to his shoulders, his uniform was dirty and unkempt, and his eyes moved rapidly.

"Why, yes it is." Charon said, used to imitating the same Russian voice he always mimics. He rarely chooses different identities, it helps so he doesn't make a mistake, like back in 1877. That almost started a war between France and Spain.

The man pulled a Glock 17, and pointed it at Charon. Charon smiled inwardly, he decided to play along with this one. He put his hands up and showed a worried face.

"Get in the house!" The man said, and Charon backed up and the man walked in and closed the door.

"Give me all your money, all of it." He said. He kept his hands steady, this must not have been the first time he's done this.

"Or else what?" Charon said smiling, "You're going to shoot me with that little gun?"

"Don't fucking push me man! I'll kill you right now!"

"Do it then." Charon smiled, leaning in, "Do it you little bitch."
The man shouted, and pulled the trigger. It hit Charon, and he pretended to act shocked.

"Oh no! Oh wait." He smiled a devilish grin. The bullet wound disappeared moments after.

"What...What the hell!" The man said horrified, and backed up to the door.

"Hell? That's where you're going!" Charon said, and returned to his fiery form. The man screamed as he tried to open it, but Charon grabbed him and held him in the air, the smell of burning flesh filling the room. The man screamed in utter agony, and Charon opened the portal and threw him in, before returning to his human form and the portal disappearing. Charon cursed under his breath, he knew what was coming next.

Dammit Charon! A voice said, and a shadowy apparition appeared before him, Why! Charon knelt respectfully and kept his head down.

"I apologize, my lord. It will not happen again.

Quit saying that! You violate the rules! You are not to take a human life if it is not their time! Every time you do this, I have to deal with the other Gods! Enough!

"I am truly sorry." The shadow figure disappeared, and Charon stood up smiling.

"I love America."


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 23rd 2013, 18:37

//Hey I thought it would be kind of nice to introduce some other gods and their stand-point on issues. Please note that some may have names of Titans, heroes, and such, but they are still just considered gods.//


//The gods in congregation speak in the ancient language, or when using extreme "emotion"//

{-therefore the potential for an uprising would be suppressed by Drakor, the Lord of Dragons. However the idea...} Odin continued to ramble on about a rising of the minor gods, but Ra toned him out. Although Odin was incredibly intelligent and just as able in battle, Chronos had assured Ra that there was definitely no threat of a revolution. A deep voice drew Ra's attention. {I'll simply not act against my brethren,} the voice said. Ra knew it came from Zeus, Ra's lieutenant. {Fine,} Odin said stoutly, {We'll take a vote. Who is in agreement with the decision to potentially take an initiation of war against the minor gods?} Six hands went up in total. Someone's hand made the sign that symbolized: With Exception.

Pyrus, Quetzalcoatl, Mars, Drakor and Umbreth. Plus Artemis, but she can be swayed.

Odin tried to mask a grin. His ceramic-glass eye-patch covered his empty eye socket, but the other deep gray eye was full of satisfaction. {Who supports Ra?} Odin asked. Eight hands went up. None with exception. {Alright. So Zeus, Chronos, Athena, Thoth, Isis, Neptune, Prometheus and Kyrie or in favor of Ra. That makes it six against eight, with three choosing not to vote,} Odin finished. Ra was glad Kyrie, the goddess of warriors, decided to support him. However, he was concerned that Khonsu, did not choose to support him. Khonsu's manipulation of others was quite invaluable. That left Hecate and Atlas out of the vote. Either would make a formidable ally, but Ra knew not to rush either of the two. He couldn't decide who was more dangerous.

{Now, we still have to record votes from the other major gods, most of whom choose not to come to Council Meetings. This will require sending our agents to various countries. I will send mine to meet with Arkanus and Hypnos, and Quetzalcoatl has agreed to meet with Xolotl himself. That leaves Hades, Gigantes, Ouranos and Glacies. We must decide who will meet with them or their agents.} Ra smiled. {Excuse me, but I must make contact with one my agents,} he said in his commanding voice.

I need to contact Eryon


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 24th 2013, 01:26

Name : God
God Type: God of Gods
Age : Unknown
Hair Colour : Undescribable (Not in the visible Spectrum)
Eye Colour : Rainbow (Colours change time to time depending on mood)
Race : White
Physique : Godly
Abilities : Ability to control all gods, time, and everything in the known and unknown universe.
Alternate Form: Sasquatch
Origin : Always has been. Created all things ever.

Miscellanous : He is a Colenel Service Star 100 in BF3 and does not have a sbucket. Created all of you! (1m y0 d3ddy!)


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 24th 2013, 01:59

//Snowie, is this is a joke?//


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 24th 2013, 10:14

//I'm done with RPs.//


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

Post by Guest on January 24th 2013, 23:10

//And I was about to post...//


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Re: Gods Among Us RP

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