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Xentaas Krexin (Sith Order RP)

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Xentaas Krexin (Sith Order RP) Empty Xentaas Krexin (Sith Order RP)

Post by Goldenbudda21 on April 15th 2013, 11:42

Name: Xentaas Krexin (Pronounced Zen-taas Krex-zin)
Race: Miraluka (all who know me knew that. Lol)
Faction: Rebel "Black Ops" Squad
Ranking/Position: Admiral

Height: 5'7"
Build: Roughly 180 lbs. Not real muscular but slight definition

Hair color: Black
Hair style: Long wavy
Eye color: N/A

Clothing/Armour: Will provide pic later

Combat Specialty: Force and Lightsaber

Force Level: High (Miraluka are born with exceptionally high Force sensitivity)
Force Specialty: Saber Combat and Force abilities. He also possesses Force Sight that is much stronger than that of other Force sensitive beings.)
Lightsaber Characteristics: Wields custom purple crystal saber javelin with optional extra blade on hilt end. The primary end is like a saber trident, extending one long blade in middle and two shorter on the left and right. (basically a saberstaff with longer hilt, and a trident on one side)

Prelude Information: Born on the planet Alpheridies almost 25 human years ago, he grew up to a wealthy Miralukian family. With the change of rulers, the Miralukians were low on the new Emperors agenda so the race was left long as they caused no trouble. Xentaas, or Krex, as his friend called him because of his last name, instinctively had an interest in Jedi because the stories passed down through his race.

When the new ruler, Oblivion, rose up, a small faction of the remaining rebel fleet that had survived the Purge, sought refuge in the dense forests and deep caves of Alpheridies. This faction was 4 men, the leader of the rebellion and his 3 guards. When they arrived, they hid until they saw a young boy meditating. At this time the boy was but 7 years old. With a few more years of observing, they decided this boy would be a great addition to the rebel force. At the age of 10, the men confronted him and his parents and they left the planet with the child and met up with more rebels on the outer rim of the galaxy.

For 15 years, the boy trained in saber combat and using the Force more effectively. He now is very strong in the Force and had proven his worth many times over. He is still young in his saber combat but his Force powers are unmatched by any in the rebel fleet, though as custom by many Miraluka, he is afraid to use them because of the potential damage he could cause.

Now at 25, his is the Admiral, or 5 in command of the rebel fleet but is more focused on leading the Five Marauders. They are the rebel fleets black ops group comprised of 5 individuals who have distinctively different fighting and weapon styles.

Speak softly and carry a big stick...or light saber, whichever.

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Name: Xentaas Krexin
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