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Ariel Sol (Sith Order RP)

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Ariel Sol (Sith Order RP) Empty Ariel Sol (Sith Order RP)

Post by Guest on April 15th 2013, 12:36

Name: Ariel Sol (Given name), Valeria Halcyon (Atoan Birthname)
Race: Atoan
Faction: None
Position: Exile, Jedi/Sith Hunter, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Etc.

Height: 5'9"
Build: Tall yet Slender
Skin Color: Light Pale

Hair color: Black
Hair style: Example
Eye color: Light Blue
Facial Markings: Consistent to Nightsister ritual markings, Examples

Clothing: Black Nightsister Robes, w/ Hood.

Combat Specialty: Force and Lightsaber Mix, relatively experienced with both resulting both being used in a more feral fashion to compensate.

Force Level: Medium
Force Specialty: Stealth and deception, has the ability to hide from the Force and sight for short amounts of time.
Lightsaber Characteristics: Two Lightsaber with custom curved hilts, The Lightsaber blade itself unstable and appears more like a lighting bolt rather than a normal blade. This is due to the use of volatile components and haphazard use of the energy source. This allows the blade to conform to an irregular shape when in use, this makes the blades more harder to defend against and also sense with the force, although the blades length can be directly control through the alteration of the crystal itself albeit making it more unstable. The blades emit a grey to black color due to the instability of the Lightsabers, the colors course through the blade at a very high speed creating the image that they are flashing.

Prelude Information: Born on the now desolate world of Atoa, Ariel was raised to one day become the new High Priestess of Atoa and rebuild her race to it's former glory. Early on, she demonstrated the ability of the force, this was however misconstrued as the powers of the gods. This followed an age old prophecy that would soon end the Atoan race. The Atoans, in a desperate attempt, tried to assassinate Ariel in an effort to save their race. This only ended in the prophecy coming true. Being only 14 years old, fear took control of Ariel and unleashed a great terror on her assailants. She watched as all around her succumbed to gruesome deaths as the force guided her body in the will to survive. In the end, she saw the horror of all those whom she was raised with laying dead on the ground, blood pooling under their bodies.

She had changed that day, and from that day on she hid from herself and others to prevent another catastrophe. She would teach herself to from the force and to blend into her surroundings. Ariel would come to amends with herself and her powers, and would begin to use them for assassination jobs and other bounty jobs that came her way. She eventually went to Dathomir on an assassination job, but met the very nighsister she was supposed to kill. Yet instead of killer her, she took Ariel into the nightsisters, still being only 17 at the time. She would be trained in the dark arts of the Nightsisters and would eventually become a Shadow Killer an use her powers and abilities to strike all opponents from the shadows.

Although, in this time the Sith would attack the nightsisters as a test of power. As all of her fellow sisters died one by one, it reminded her of her past that she tried so hard to forget. she lost control of her emotions and finally his from the force for no longer. The Sith soon found her, a very powerful Sith offered her one choice, to join the Sith or die. Her anger swelled and multiplied as she saw the closet thing to her mother she's had be killed by another Sith. This is when she lost control and released her anger upon these Sith. The powerful Sith would survive while it's apprentices would not be as lucky. They would lie in a pool of their innards as they were ripped apart. The lone Sith would do nothing but offer again, this time leaving it open. "Join the Sith and feed your power." He left with nothing more, leaving Ariel to herself.

She would weep for the death of her sisters and vow for vengeance on all force users, yet she yearned for more, for more power. Ariel would take the Lightsabers of the fallen Sith and create her own as reminder of her failure. She would hunt down any force sensitives she could find, exacting her revenge for her sisters. She follows her own path even if she closely resembles Sith, she is not.

Psychological Info: Ariel is irreparably damaged by the lose of so many loved ones, she acts erratically in moments of high stress and often let's her anger control her. Even though she has lost all those who she was attached to, she still looks for someone to get attached to but she closes herself in and continues to go after revenge. She will often act like a child when she is alone, as it's a way of coping with her emotions and because she never really had a childhood.

Notes: Due to the rapid and numerous changes of setting and people, she has had numerous changes in names. She doesn't even remember her real name and just goes by Ariel Sol, although she has numerous other given names through the various factions she has been in. She often uses these as masquerades when she needs to.

She was a pet wyrwulf, a six-legged canine animal who is actually the child of the Condru-Ji race. She is fiercely loyal to Ariel and as relationship resembling that of a mother and daughter.

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Ariel Sol (Sith Order RP) Empty Re: Ariel Sol (Sith Order RP)

Post by Guest on April 17th 2013, 11:31

Updated 9:31am 4/17/2013

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