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Post by Agent Shadow on April 15th 2013, 18:27

Name: Alassa Dy
Race: Togruta
Faction: exile
Ranking/Position: N/A

(Basically, I'm modeling her after Ahsoka Tano, to make things easier. Not very unique, but I'm a little unfamiliar with this race, and I want to mix it up)
Alassa Dy (Sith Order Rp) L
Height: 5' 8
Build: Slim, agile

Hair color: blue/white Montrals
Hair style: N/A
Eye color: Green

Clothing/Armour: Armoured sith warrior robes (with the hood often pulled up)

Combat Specialty: Lightsaber, Force
Weapon Characteristics: : Form VII: Vaapad, Quite attuned with the force

Force Level: Medium
Force Specialty: She has yet to master anything, though she is quite powerful with the force.
Lightsaber Characteristics: One Crimson blade, from her master. The hilt is unique because it was formerly her masters blade.

Prelude Information: Alassa is unfamiliar with her former life: this may be her masters doing. Since before she could remember, she grew up with him on Felucia, where the harsh climate and vicious wildlife meant everyday she lived in danger. This, along with her masters cruel treatment to her, made her harbor bitter resentment for him. Sometimes, she wanted to run. But where could she go?

Her master, a Zabrak known as Zamorak, trained her in the ways of the Dark Side, where Hate and anger was your strength. Despite this, he was disappointed to see that his pupil did not accept this. The only reason he did not leave her to die was her potential: he sensed she was powerful with the force.

There, she lived until one day, when she was 15, Sith Assassins came looking for Zamorak. He told her to hide in the jungle, which she did, while he confronted the assassins. There was 4 of them in total. Zamorak engaged three and killed two, while the other one slipped off beyond Alassa's sight. He came up behind her and captured her, then took her to Zamorak, threatening to kill her if he did not obey them. To Alassa's horror, he obeyed, dropping his lightsaber and putting his head down in defeat. The assassin then impaled him in his heart, and Zamorak dropped to the ground, dead. Alassa screamed and force repulsed her captor and ran to Zamorak.
"What shall we do with the girl?" One of the assassins asked
"Leave her. This planet will do the work for us." The other replied. The two then left her there, crying over her deceased masters body.

That was 2 years ago. To this day she lives amongst the native Felucians. She felt the hatred flow in her for being so weak, and she made it her life goal to one day avenge her master and kill the men that killed him.

Psychological notes She has conflicting emotions over her masters death. She hated that he died for her, but she also loved him deeply for his care over her. Despite his tough training regimens, he would never let her be in harms way, one notable example of this is when he almost died to save her from a rampaging Rancor. He slayed the beast, but suffered serious wounds that only fueled his hatred. She unquestionably follows the teachings of the Dark Side, but sometimes she feels like the power and pain it brings her is too much to bear...
Agent Shadow
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