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Post by Guest on April 21st 2013, 23:30

Name: Rius (Librarian is his title/position)
Race: Korun
Faction: Sith
Position:Head Librarian, Alchemist

Height: 6'2"
Build: Tall, Medium Build
Skin Color: Tanned, light brown.

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Ruddy Brown
Facial Markings: Black chevron over his left temple

Clothing: Face Mask (My profile picture), Sith robes with a red hem (Signifying his position as Head Librarian)

Combat Specialty: Force and Lightsaber Mix, relies more on the force aspect of comabt

Force Level: High
Force Specialty: Psychological and Physical (Repulse, Telekenisis, Choke, etc.)

Uses two Lightsaber with custom hilts. The Lightsabers both could interlock with each other allowing them to be used as a dual bladed lightsaber. Master in the Jar'Kai and TrĂ kata forms, which exlempify his unorthodox style.

Background Information:
He shows more restraint than fellow Sith, he is more human, more compassionate than his fellow murders and killers, no matter how ironic that is.

He lacks the grey skin tone and yellow irises many Sith have. He has been called too human. He just laughs at the claims and rumors.

A mysterious and hidden figure, bearing neither the idealistic dogma of the Jedi nor the irrational rage of the Sith. His true motive is unknown, as he keeps mostly to himself. He is an unorthodox individual, he occasionally talks in jibberish and riddles.

He is a loyal disciple to Oblivion and has been a staple in the New Sith Order since anyone can remember.
He joined Darth Oblivion in his conquest of the galaxy when it first started, when he first was consolidating power and resources.

Born on the planet of Solus in the Outer Rim, he was a young man when he was found. His true name is lost to the annals of history and the current of time. Darth Rius was a scholar even before Oblivion found him. He wanted to find ways to make his power in the force stronger, to make his force powers truly unlimited.
Oblivion promised him the forgotten texts that would help him accomplish his goals. He promised him power that would stretch his mind and mould it into a vessel to be filled with the knowledge of long passed philosophers and magisters. A container to be filled with the power of the dark side.

Now Darth Rius is the Keeper of Text, in charge of the texts, slates, holocrons, scrolls and other Sith related literature that are stored in the many libraries spanning the galaxy. He is also in charge of collecting any "errant" source of interest.
With access to the ancient journals and scrolls of Sith long past he stumble across the art of Sith alchemy. He is now a practitioner of the darker of Sith arts.


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