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Between Space - Page 2 Empty Re: Between Space

Post by Guest on September 9th 2013, 03:06

As the veil of slumber drifted over Karah, the world around was enveloped by a black fog consuming all around her, later settling and clearing. The familiar soft whispers broke the silence through the dense fog, reaching out to her with their invisible hands. It's touch was cold on her skin, yet warm all the same. Their reach comforted her, to some extents they were the closest things to friends she had. She got up and walked through the desolate lands of her dream. This is what she would do every night she slept. It kept her calm, by no means happy, but it gave her a place of solace.

The barren land was devoid of most life, only dead trees dotted its land, and tall ink-like beings dwelled here. The beings stood as tall as adult humans but were incredibly thin. They were the source of the whispers, even if they had no features like a mouth. They would glide over the ground moving in seemingly random directions.  She had named them inklings for all they were, as she watched them glide all around her. Karah knew not what they really were, it was another drop in her sea of questions.

It had been long enough in her solitude. Reality started to pull her back into the light. As the fog raised again, something happened, something wrong. Every time before she would wake up in the real world. This time however bore something more sinister. The inklings were mutating, . Giant teeth burst out of their heads, and arms tore out of their bodies.

They screamed. Oh god the screaming.... It pierced her ears and soul. Fear struck her immediately. She couldn’t move, and the mutated inklings surrounded her, running at her.  
She tried to run, but her feet wouldn’t move; and she tried to scream but...

Was this it? Was this how it would end?

One inkling lunged at her, it’s teeth racing towards her. She closed her eyes waiting for the end that never came. She woke up to the sound of a storm overhead. It was unlike anything she had seen before, not a drop of rain nor bolt of lightning escaped it’s grasp. It almost masked the chaos near to her. The town that once stood was now in smoldering flames. The people running and screaming until their violent end. There were masked men slaughtering all of them, men, women, and children.

Startled, Karah got her things together into her bag.

“Where are you off to, dear?” A man spoke behind her.

“The party has just begun” He said, no closer.

A hand slide over her mouth and a knife inched towards her throat. It was now pressing on her throat and just then she lost consciousness...

So lost....
So alone...

She awoke to her bloodied hands over a masked man's throat.

“Stop!!” Someone yelled out of her sight.

“Stop... It’s ok now, Karah. You’re home now.”

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Between Space - Page 2 Empty Re: Between Space

Post by PointBlank on September 11th 2013, 22:27

[Warning: There is a considerable amount vulgarity and a possibly disturbing visualization in this post.]



Morning arrived in Santia... Well it was really the crack of dawn. Certain items could only be bought during the day such as specialty weaponry and brews. Those who had illegal items or wanted to sell special stock after dark turned to the Black Market, where just about anything could be found. Only certain people know how to find the black market, but just about everyone knows that it exists. Rebecca was woken up by a bell, which was used to inform merchants that it was morning. Yawning, she walked over to the window of their room. That was when she realized that they had bought the penthouse at the top.

“Geez…” She said, rubbing her eyes, “This town still gets up way too early.”

She walked over to a small kitchen and grabbed an assortment of materials to make fruitcake.

“Strawberries, blueberries, guaiberries, and almonds.”

The kitchen had many cherrywood cabinets and its floor was tiled. As the cake was being made, in celebration of the group, she had a look around. The floor was carpeted, the walls were clean, and there was a storm outside.

Darren and Fred were laying close together and she thought they looked adorable.

That storm was really weird looking though.

Tania let out a yelp and then punched the floor she was face down on.

Becca walked back to the window after being amused by this and looked down upon the city. Many merchants were setting up shop and selling every kind of good, but then they all had an odd perplexion take their faces. The confused merchants all looked towards the town edge, where a pack was holding a hooded figure. As they carried it into town, the figure started moving, but the pack had too great of a hold on him. Some of the merchants started gathering something large together.

“Oh god why?” She put her hand up to her mouth.

They began setting up scaffolding for a gallows.


Even though he expected this, Garroth could not believe that this was happening.


One of the pack keeping him down spat in his face “Shut up abby, you’re just another tool for the outworlders to kill us with!”

An older merchant stood up and yelled, “You ain’t killin’ my grandson devil! We’ll git you all first!”

As the entire crowd of yelled, more and more were drawn from their homes to witness the commotion.

Garroth saw them assembling the wood, and his eyes dilated. “YOU MUST ALL LISTEN! SOMEONE IS TAMPERING WITH THE NATURAL BALANCE, AND THE ANGELS ARE COMING!”

A gruffer merchant screamed, “HE’S LED THEM HERE! THE ANGELS ARE COMING TO KILL US!

Suddenly a powerful gust of wind interrupted all of this, and a woman with black hair and drab armor yelled, “ENOUGH!”

Now everyone was looking at Rebecca and her crossbow.

“What the hell is wrong with you people?”

She shot a spout of flame straight up from her left arm, causing many of the townsfolk to back up, leaving Garroth and his captors in plain view.

The silence was so loud that it could be heard throughout the town. Not a single noise was to be made as all of Santia was quiet for the first time in recorded history.

She walked up to the hooded man and examined his face and eyes thoroughly.

The leader of this ragtag pack spoke in a deep, convicted voice, “He is an abby ma'am. He must be hung.

Ignoring him, she asked the hooded man what his name was.

“G-Garroth… Miss.”

She continued to examine him as he tried to avoid eye contact, but failed to do so on multiple occasions.

“You see now,” the leader spoke, “He’s one of them.”

He tried to put his hand on her crossbow and lower it, but she suddenly reared away while the crossbow seemed to load itself.

“I don’t care what you think you have there, but that is no abomination.”

She spoke this with the absolute most anger that she could ever hope to suppress.

Seeing the crossbow pointed at him, the leader replied, “My name is Edward, commander of the AHP, the Abomination Hunting Party, and I assure you that I have done my research; and I know that that is a Hellchild.”

Another one of them with a crossbow of his own spoke up, “Yeah lady, we keep the world safe from invasion, what do you know.”

“The AHP?” she said in a low and impactful manner, “The same AHP that butchered twenty children just because some town believed that being an ab-human was a disease!? The same AHP that claims to deserve a piece of the outworlder destruction charity fund! The same FUCKERS THAT KILLED MY!-

She cut herself off and lowered her crossbow just slightly.

Edward began to retort, but Rebecca shouted back, “NO!” and raised her crossbow again.

“No, you have no excuse, you’re all bigots with a power fantasy and a kick for murder…”

Silence took over briefly, and Garroth saw his opportunity.

“People of Santia, heed me!”

“Shut up abby!” one of them butted him with the hilt of his broadsword.

The crowd started to get rowdy again, and Edward asked, “You wouldn’t be an abby sympathizer would you miss…”

Rebecca started muttering to herself as the crowd became more and more raucous.


The crowd was beginning to come closer as they became louder. Their constant yelling and cursing began to sound more and more like an angry bee swarm. Becca was a canary in an ocean of bees. All of them were angry, for they had lost their queen and had no one to blame.


In their distraught, they began to close in. Bumping their heads against the canary as both a warning and a threat, they had no concept of order. gradually, the sea began to boil, frothing at the top with insect parts. Spider legs, mantis arms, and fly wings were all included. Then the bodies of the many victims began to rise to the top. Each insect body was pierced with a bee stinger and the body parts were all twitching as the salt water reached the top of the cooking pot.

“Ma’am, are you ok?”

“I think she’s gone cuckoo Ed.”

The sea of dead insects was pouring over the pot onto Becca as she stirred, and they re-animated, crawling up top of and inside of her clothing. The oven let out a soul piercing scream.

When Becca opened the oven to retrieve her fruitcake, she found a pile of human gore with bees swarming all over it. They appeared to be harvesting the pile of bones and blood for nectar so that they could make their indoctrinating, toxic honey. They swarmed all over her, and she screamed. They stung her body all over as the insect parts were stripped away, revealing not clothes, but skin. She was being stripped in every sense of the word as many of the bees found their ways into her mouth, crotch, and ass. The pile of guts sat there, inside the pan, dead and watching. Becca chirped and chirped, but no one could hear her past the sound of the bees. Soon she would be dead, just like the pile of gore that was now splattered on the kitchen floor.

“Okay abby lover, get out of the way if you’re gonna act like this.”

Edward motioned for his subordinate to push her aside, and as he got close he let out a smirk.

Becca looked up at him, and just as he was about to touch her she said sternly. “You were there…”

He drew his arm back, “What?”

“You were there when it happened, and you helped them… helped them…”

“Look lady, I don’t know what-”

“Your name is Roger, but your friends call you rags.” She pulled out a small wooden duck.

The man was stunned for a moment, and then he realized.

“I didn’t mean to- It wasn’t- I was only there for your abby. They forced me to-”

The canary’s eyes were filled with flames, “HE WAS MY BROTHER YOU IGNORANT SHITHEAD!

Roger now found himself in agony, with a bolt in both of his knees.

The pack raised their weapons, and the crowd dispersed for the most part.

Edward, with his arms spread, asked, “Why do people like you think that Abbies have a place in this world? They’re the harbingers of destruction, and they try to pose as us, which is just disgusting.”

The only disgusting things I see are you people, leave Garroth or understand my pain.

They all looked at each other, and some of them laughed.

Edward turned and said, “Miss who refuses to tell me her name, this is your final warn-”

No. This is your final warning.”

Rebecca heard a canary chirp from the direction of the hotel.

“Miss, you have a bad habit of interrupting me when I speak.” Edward said, “Didn’t your daddy teach you right?”

A short one in the back of the group started snickering, “Her pop probably didn’t spank her enough as a kid.” Some others laughed with him, “I’ll fix that.”

Edward glared at the short one for a moment, then returned his gaze to Becca and warned, “Leave or be killed miss.”

They all stood there for a moment, and then another canary chirp of a slightly different tone was heard in the direction of the distant storm.

“My name is Rebecca Omnis Culpa, you killed my brother, prepare to die.”

Edward had just finished dropping his arms and ordering an attack when the crossbowman and the broadswordman fell to the ground with bolts in their skulls. The short one sprinted at her with a dagger, and one of the others was preparing a fireball so Becca dropped a smoke capsule and shot him in the crotch. As the smoke enveloped the open space, she jumped off of the small one’s slumped form over a fireball and onto the top of the scaffolding. With the rapidly accelerated smoke able to cover her position, she whistled.

Immediately the smoke and the AHP within were dispersed and knocked down by a gust of wind, much, much more powerful than Becca’s. Garroth got up first and started running out of town, then Edward was up with a pistol aimed at him. Becca shot the pistol out of his hand then jumped above the recuperating pack. She fired one bolt at Edward, then fired one at the mystic. Edward deflected his bolt with his gauntlet and the mystic blew his bolt just enough off course to hit him in the shoulder as opposed to his head. The autoloading feature of her custom crossbow was operated with a spring-loaded magazine, and mechanical recoil systems kept it loaded until the clip was emptied. Her clip had just ejected itself, indicating that she needed to reload.

As she landed, the mystic had opened a sack of pebbles and began propelling them towards her at high velocity. Then a swordsman in Algernic armor dropped upon the caster from above, stabbing him in the back of the neck and spilling the pebbles about the ground.

Darren calmly said as he stood up, “Nice dodging Becca.”

“Look out Darren!” Becca slammed another mag into her weapon just as Edward shot his second pistol at him. He flinched, but the Minie ball just fell to the ground.

Edward was stunned by this, “What the-”

Becca began shooting off her new mag of seven at the leader of the dead and incapacitated, and Darren was already sprinting towards him with his blade. Edward deflected all but one of the bolts, which he aptly dodged, and then began to engage Darren with his dagger. After five clashes of their blades, Darren disarmed Edward, but he instantly froze Darren. He was now dizzy, and this prompted Becca to charge him with her dagger. Unfortunately, he recuperated in time to deflect her blow and spiral kick her across the temple.

“You two are quite possibly the most competent opponents I have ever faced, I’ll give you that much,” Edward stated while grabbing her dagger from the ground, “but now it’s time this party got crashed.”

He lunged at her while she lay on the ground.


“You think that you can just kick my wife like that?” another man’s voice was apparent, “Ohhh you asked for it prick.”

Edward woke up to a blurry picture of Darren, Becca, and the other man standing above him. The other man had short black hair and his arms were crossed. Fred began to beat the living crap out of him and kept doing so until Garroth showed up. Fred then offered a blade to Garroth, but he refused it so he gave it to Rebecca, who gladly accepted it. She was about to gut him like the many animals that she had hunted previously, but she held herself back and instead, motioned for help from her husband. Edward was only just now realizing what was happening, but he couldn’t move.

“Ed, you can’t do anything right now, I paralyzed you myself,” Rebecca gleefully said.

Absolute terror enveloped Ed’s mind, and he began to beg. Except he couldn’t move his mouth.

Soon he was on the gallows with a noose around his neck; except he never dropped, he just strangled there motionless but in pain.

Then she moved to the short one who was trying to crawl away with a trail of blood behind him.

“Gettaway you bitch!”

“Never got spanked enough huh?” her cheeriness was wholly disturbing, “Fred, would you like some hits?”

“Nah, you got this one Becky.”

She looked back into his eyes, and they filled with dread, “Whthe fuck are you gonna dotome now cunt!?”

She observed him for a moment in silence as his eyes changed to that of one who wished to be back home. Then she took his dagger and slashed his cheeks open, cut his tongue out, and left the dagger deep in his anus. He was left to bleed there while she went to the one she shot in the kneecaps.

“I know I can’t atone for what I did to you when you were a child… if you feel any mercy at all, please make my death quick…”

She looked into his eyes, but he turned them away in shame.

“You hurt me and my family very bad Roger… I can’t forgive you for that.”

He braced himself for the worst.

“but… I feel like you’re genuine so I’ll do something special for you.”

He looked up, scared.

She told Fred to start healing him and pulled out a vial with clear fluid.

“This is filled with a special type of viral hemorrhagic fever that I’ve cultured. It doesn’t spread, and it hasn’t been named yet,” she injected him with a bit, “Symptoms include the bursting of blood vessels all around the body, extreme pain, nausea, and eventually, the liquefying of your internal organs. You have one more week to live now; I suggest spending it with loved ones.”

Roger stared at her hopeless, not sure if this was better or worse than dying a fast death now.


He got up and ran as fast as he could to the carriage station on the other side of town.

Tania came out of the hotel yelling “What the hell guys, why didn’t anyone wake me up?”

“Sorry, but…”

Then Garroth stepped forward.

Darren asked first, “So what’s so important that we need to worry about Garroth?”

He began to explain…


[To be continued]

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Between Space - Page 2 Empty Re: Between Space

Post by Guest on September 12th 2013, 10:07

"Life is inextinguishable for as long as one lives on in the memories of those who's lives they have touched, their spirit will never leave the mortal realm."

-Father Qui'kot,  During his speech concerning the afterlife and where souls go when they leave their bodies.

It was a rainy afternoon, the sun shone through the rain making it appear as if liquid copper was being poured over my childhood home, Helmshire.

"Telvin, you mustn't tell anyone's  what you're about to see today," my father warned. 'Not even your friend Tommy. No one."

"Not even Mummy?" I replied with all the naivety of a young child.

My father sighed, hiding behind the sad smile that followed him like a shadow all through his life.

"Of course you can tell her,"  he answered, heavyhearted. "We keep no secrets from her. You can tell her everything."

And that's when I was given my mothers gift.

Shortly after the last harvest of that year, an outbreak of cholera had taken my mother away. We buried her on my fourth birthday. The only thing I can recall is that it rained all day and all night, and that when I asked my father why the sky was crying, he couldn't bring himself to reply. Six years later my mother's absence remained in the air around us, a deafening silence that I had not yet learned to fill with words. The tension that filled Helmshire was heavy and easily noticeable.

As a child I learned to fall asleep talking to my mother in the darkness of my bedroom, telling her about the day's events, my adventures, and the things I had been taught. I couldn't hear her voice or feel her touch, but her radiance and her warmth haunted every corner of our home, and I believed, with the innocence of those who can still count their age on their  fingers, that if I closed my eyes and spoke to her, she would be able to hear me wherever she was. Sometimes my father would listen to me from the dining room, crying in silence.

On that morning, I woke up screaming, at first light. My heart was pounding in my chest as if it was trying to escape. My father hurried into my room and held me in his arms, trying to calm me. "I can't remember her face. I can't remember Mommy's face," I muttered, breathless. My father held me tight. "Don't worry, son. I'll remember for both of us." We looked at each other in the half-light, searching for words that didn't exist.

My father cradled me in his lap for what seemed like an eternity. As the sun rose to its zenith in the sky he finally let me go. He wordlessly left my room.

Later that day he called me to my room, as the golden summer rain fell.

"Telvin, your mother loved you very much. She told me to give this to you when you were ready, but  I couldn't bring myself to give you her gift for it...", my Father stopped for a moment stifling emotions which could be seen in his misty brown eyes.

"Papa, I know. I miss her too."

Father held a small lockbox, and inside of it was a small blue crystal attached to a silver chain. I looked at it with intrigue and wonder. What is this blue gem? And what does it have to do with my mother?

As night fell I was in bed with my new gift, twirling its silver chain. I wondered if this some how was once a piece of my mothers jewelry. It's value would grew tremendously if it once belonged to my mother.

I spoke to it as if she could listen to me better through her necklace, like if I cupped my hands over my mouth to shout over long distances.

"How are you mother? I hope you are warm and dry for it has been raining all day. Father gave me your gift and I love it! I don't know what it is, but I love it for now you will truly never leave me. I may have forgotten your face, but your love has not left."

The crystal started to glow a ruddy blue, it surprised me, yet instead of yelling or being scared I was comforted. It was as if my mother was still there. I put my blanket over my head,  I just stared at the gem and spoke to it.

A figure appeared in my door way, its face covered in twilight, "Telvin, go to sleep son."

"Ok papa."

I turned around and faced the wall and faked to have fallen asleep.

I continued to speak to the gem holding it softly in my hands.

I talked to the crystal all throughout that first night. It never spoke back and I did not expect it to. It just sat there and continued to shine, silent and content like an audience listening to a performance.

When father came in the next morning  he asked me if I caught a second of sleep.

I looked at him squarely in the face and told him, "All that time I spent sleeping I could have spent with you and mother."

"Yeah, Mother taught me that life is too short for sleep anyway."

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Post by Guest on September 21st 2013, 11:55


“... It’s ok now, Karah. You’re home now.” The man said, his voice somehow soothing.

She suddenly calmed down, her grip releasing on the masked man’s throat. He gasped for air, gulping it down as Karah stood to see the mysterious man. Looking around her, she saw blood painting the ground around her, her hands likewise soaked in it.

“Forgive me for not introducing myself, this is a rather unexpected occasion.”

He lifted his hands to his mask and removed it from his face. The first thing she noticed was his orange eyes.

“My name is Sun, and I am like you. We all are...” gesturing to three others who have similarly taken off their masks.

Each one displayed the characteristics of an angel or demon child. Two had bright light blue eyes and grayish skin of an angel abomination. The other one had orange eyes and rough skin of a demon child.

“...As many labels us,  abominations.” He ended.

Karah froze. She couldn't breathe and her heart began to race.

“Are you....” Sun started.

Karah heard no more as a dense fog enveloped the world, consuming her as she hit the ground.

[Karah, Dreamworld]

The dark dirt clenched in her fists and caked on the side of her face as the ground held her. It was her world again. The trees were so dark and lifeless, just as the sky and limitless land of her world. Tears started running down the upside part of her face. Too much was happening...

The tears ran and ran, Karah eventually burrowing her face in her arms. She didn't know how to feel about any of this.

Only until the worst of the crying ceased did she notice how quiet it...

Her tear soaked face lifted from her arms to the horizontal world. The mutated inklings surrounded her. The giant black teeth jutted out from their heads and their arms were like long ink blades. They all floated off the ground, staying completely still.

Karah got on her feet. Moments later hell broke loose. The mind numbing screams erupted from all around her and the army of inklings descended upon her.

She wasn't scared this time, she felt only rage. The hatred for everything that’s happened to erupted from inside of her and she became something more. She felt a great energy build up inside of her as time seemed to slow.

The inklings were close enough to engulf her as she unleashed the energy inside of her. Her vision went white and she felt only a comfortable warmth cover her. The light faded and the warmth dissipated as she saw the aftermath. A crater appeared where once was the land and trees. The ground, it sizzled from the heat; flames still burned in some spots. It all left only ash of what she think was the inklings layering the crater.

She felt nothing. No shock, no fear, just... nothing.

A sound from behind her caught her attention. She snapped around to see a lone inkling not decimated in the blast. She walked towards it. It was in pain as parts of it’s body were reduced to ash. It flailed it’s one blade and shook it’s featureless all around. Karah felt no sorrow for the doomed beast. Standing and the end of it’s body, Karah knelt down to the inkling. It’s almost sounded like it was crying, something that brought a faint smile to her face as she punched her fist into it’s ink body. The crying turned into girl’s scream, something that didn't faze her. The inkling flailed more, but eventually slowed down and then stopped completely.

Emotionless, Karah brought back her ink covered arm and stood up. No more was she going to be hurt. No more....


“Are you alright?” Sun asked as the girl fell to the ground.

Worry was on his face as he yelled for a doctor who arrived shortly after.

This was her. This was the one who was supposed to lead the enlightened to a better future? Rhey thought.

She couldn't keep the disappointment away from her face. She expected someone... better than a small child.

How is a child going to save us all?

Then something happened. Rhey could feel it, a disturbance. At that moment the doctor jumped up from the girl in fear, he could feel it too. The girl, she stood up and her eyes opened. They were pure red unlike anything that Rhey’s seen.

“Run!” Someone yelled. It was too late, though, as the girl unleashed everything.

Pain shot through her whole body as she was flown backwards. Rhey’s vision returned as it was over. Around her riddled the body of her companions dead and broken. She was only so lucky she put up a shield before the blast. Rhey looked down to see the damage and saw the lower half of her body was gone as was her left arm entirely.

That’s when the pain overcame her it it’s full force. She shut her eyes and yelled in response as the pain started to slightly dim down along with her feeling. She opened her eyes to see the girl standing above her.

“No, no. Don’t do it.” She pleaded holding her only hand up to the girl.


The girl knelt down for a moment and Rhey looked at her. She looked so young and innocent, she shouldn't even be capable of doing...

More pain shot shot through her body again as the girl drove her hand into Rhey’s body. She let out her last scream as the darkness took a hold of her.

Soon everything ceased...

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Post by Guest on October 18th 2013, 00:43

Location: Sleeping Dragon Pub, Tumbernik, Faste

Matthias walked into one of his favourite places in the small mining town of Tumbernik; the Sleeping Dragon Pub. As he went to the counter he set his pack down and got set to order a meal.

“Hey Barkeep, I’ll take a Cobalt Ice and whatever you recommend on the menu. I’m not picked.” He said as he smirked at the barman

“Coming right up Matthias. How was your job?”

“Ah, you know same old same old: bandits attacking this place or some creature terrorizing townsfolk. You know the usual”.

The barman just laughed and went on his way to get the beer and whatever he could whip up for a hungry mage straight back from a job. As Matthias sat there he noticed that the pub got really silent and a whiff of danger hit him. As he slowly turned around he noticed a ranger enter the pub and walk up to the counter just a couple of seats over from him. All the ranger ordered was ale and a wish to be left in peace. Matthias thought that was awfully preppy of him so he decided to be himself and loosen the fella’ up.

“Hey there buddy, welcome to Tumbernik. You look like you have had a tough time. Can I help you with finding anything local?” Matthias asked with an ear to ear grin on his face.

The ranger just grunted and said “You can cut the nice guy act, I don’t need no sympathy now just leave me alone.”

“Somebody piss in your soup or something Jesus. Fine have it your way.” Matthias retorted as he walked off angrily.

The barman returned with Matthias’ beer and the strange man’s ale. The chatter in the pub soon picked up after the slight altercation. The ranger finished his ale paid the money for it, got up and left. Something didn’t sit right with Matthias about that ranger fellow.

“Maybe he is the one I am looking for…” Matthias thought as he went on sipping his blue beer waiting for the barman to bring out his meal.

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