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a gun for hire (the tale of Tristian Hadradda)

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a gun for hire (the tale of Tristian Hadradda) Empty a gun for hire (the tale of Tristian Hadradda)

Post by Guest on February 20th 2012, 01:01

*the scene is a darkened cantina, the only residents are the band, the bartender, and a man, human by the look of it nursing his drink*

So you want to know what brought me into this line of work?
well buy me another drink take a seat and I'll tell you...

*you sit next to the man and wave your hand ordering another drink*

It all started.. oh many years ago when I was just a child,
my father and my mother were killed by bandits on the planet sentorious, a backwater planet with a joke of a government. and it did nothing to bring me justice, or to even curb the bandit problem at all.

In the care of my uncle an elderly man he taught me how to fight so that I could protect myself if bandits ever came again.
I trained for five long years, day in and day out I honed my body into a lethal weapon the singular thing keeping me going besides the loud curses of my uncle, was the thought that I would be able to get vengance.

I will never forget that day, the day that I got my vengance.
it was a hot day the temp reaching 99 degrees F and I had been searching every cantina and lowly gathering spot for clues as to the murderers location for weeks and i had finally found them.

there were 10 other bandits with them but it did not matter, by the end of the hour each one of their bloods had darkened the ground. with this blade I slit each one of their throats
*pulling out a dagger and stabbing it into the bar with lightning speed*
except for those who took my parents from me, they died slowly, and painfully.

I told my uncle what i had done when i returned to the modest hovel i called home, and it was the first time I had seen him smile since that horid day.

and he beconed me to follow him into his study, from an ornate chest he took out this sword

*placing the sword on the bar table*

and gave it too me, saying "it was time i had this, this is Darin, it is a cortosis blade its very rare and very powerfull equal to any lightsaber, and by right it is yours. use it well Nephew."
then he pulled down another object a shield of the same material panted with the symbol of the phoenix. and "may the sands never dull your blade, you will be great I know it

He dropped dead the next day, he had been terminally ill for years and should have been dead a long time ago but I guess the old man was just as stubborn with death as he was with everyone else. the day after that 100 vengeful bandits burned down again the place i had called home. none of them survived the week.

I need another drink
*the bartender obliges him*

for 1 whole year I tried to make an honest living before my past caught up with me,
as it turns out those bandits were in the employment of the hutts and he sent a ima gonna type jedi! to take care of me, he was so supprised when his lightsaber shorted out that he just froze up for a second, just long enough for me to put my sword through him.

I took the lightsaber and sold it for a ticket off the planet which i believe was destroyed years ago.

I gained reputation as a mercenary fighting in the numerous wars between criminal organizations. I met another ima gonna type jedi!, and a sith in my travels spanning across the known realm and both of them fell to my blade. I still have their lightsabers.

I know how i must sound, but this is my story, but among all my defects there are lines I will not cross. I will not kill children, i'm more likelly to kill the one who asks it of me. *laughs*

but your still wondering how I joined the ranks of the sith, arent you?
*laughs* my mind is actually a bit hazy myself but I remember a good ammount of it
I was between jobs at the time when a man in black saught me out, his prescence was imposing like a blanket had covered the room because when he stepped in the cantina went silent. he called me over to a booth and offered me a contract, work for him and he would give me riches, power, and the head of the hutt, the main hutt, the one who had sent the ima gonna type jedi! after me all those years ago.

I didn't know how he had known it but throughout my years the thought of that ultimate revenge had lain in the back of my mind, to finally complete my revenge, to eliminate everyone affiliated with my parents murder, I took the job almost immediatly.

and my thoughts about doing the bidding of ones generally consiidered evil?
the ima gonna type jedi! and the republic which was supposed to be providing protection for my home planet at the time did nothing to help me or the countless other innocent people that have died due to their own lazyness. there is no dark side of the force just the other sideand one must master them both to be truely powerfull, that is the lesson both sides have missed.

I do bad things, horrible things but every criminal I kill is a service to the universe, and if I happen to get payed gratuitous sums by some unsavory characters, then its just a bonus.

so I think it will all balance out in the end...

Name:Tristian haddrada
Position:Commander of the navy
Height: 6'2
Eye color: Deep and Vibrant Orange
Weight: 200 pounds
Affiliation: Sith Navy


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