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Post by Guest on February 21st 2012, 06:35

Name: Darth Dregon
Age: 25
Affiliation: Sith Empire
Origion: Korriban
Species: Human

Bio: Darth Dregon was born after the Sith Jedi war but when he turned 5 the Sith returned to reclaim what was their's and he villiage was raided which was lead by the Sith Lord Darth Bredon his mother and father died protecting Dregon and when Darth Bredon found him she saw how powerful and potiental but Darth Bredon knew that Darth Dregon was more powerful then him so in fear of being overthrowen she cutted out his eyes and threw him down a pit. Blind, wounded and barly alive Dregon was sorounded in darkness Dregon learned by the hissis the darkside of the force and the history of he Sith and how to survive, to bend the force at his will and to see the world by using the force. After years of traning Dregon emerage from the pit to find Darth Bredon and destroy her. 3 years after serching for Bredon Dregon found her over orbit of Dantooine. Easly Dregon successfuly infiltrated Bredon's ship and fought her after 3 hours of dueling and finally overpowered her she beg for mercy but Dregon shown none and instead he destroyed her mind and became Dregon's severvant which then Dregon become took her place as the new dark lord. Dregon serve the Sith Empire now to destroy the Jedi but will kill anyone who dares questions his authority and will not stop till the galaxy is lifeless and hollow.

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