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The Making of the Navy

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The Making of the Navy Empty The Making of the Navy

Post by Guest on February 29th 2012, 19:49

a chance for some character development you guys

Tristian hadradda was in the passenger area of his personal ship. his driver a close persona friend of his and the best pilot he had ever known. he had just gotten a secret message from darth oblivion, he had been summoned for a council, somthing about a raid on some facility, he wasn't specific with the details but he gave me a sith .. what equated to a roster. he was still reviewing the holoboard a day later when he walked into the chamber siping on a cup of, what ammounted to coffee.
"so what have you called me here for?" tristian asked excluding all caution and pretense.

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The Making of the Navy Empty Re: The Making of the Navy

Post by Guest on March 1st 2012, 18:50

Darth Recluse stepped off of the ramp of his personal Sith Infiltrator, gathering in the sights of the meeting place. The air was cool and felt refreshing to him. No one had come with him on this journey. Recluse didn't have any "associates" of any kind, and preferred to work alone. But this was a job that had come as a surprise to him, and although the details were slim, Oblivion made it clear that something big was about to happen.

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The Making of the Navy Empty Re: The Making of the Navy

Post by DaBigestBob on March 1st 2012, 23:09

The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Oblivion strode into the command room with an aura of dread. The First of Fleet of Darkness was closing in on the primary target of question. The Admiralty of the Navy was watching from their seats. The board was planning a special operation mission for the new Naval Strike Force members.

This naval strike force was made up of the best and brightest of the graduates from the academy. They took on the naval ranks with ease but despised it all the same. To serve with inferior Special Forces no matter what their weapon skill seemed to be an insult to their skill. The non force sensitive members had perfected the ability to hide from force sensitive people. Though they were important they would never be the actual ones to lead a strike force that will be left to the Sith Warriors. The strength of these forces can be remembered in such famous battles as the Second Siege of Rhen Var. Their latest target was vital for the campaign for the galaxy but wasn’t necessary which is why it made a perfect testing mission for the new cadets.

The new cadets were Darth Tristian Haradda and Darth Recluse. They both received Sith Infiltrators upon graduation and they should be arriving on board any minute on the Pride of the Dark Side. They realized that the service they rendered to the Empire was worth the risk.

He stood in the tactical room with the heads of the Navy when the Cadets arrived on board and they too strode in the room alongside 3 other new cadets. They stood and saluted to everyone in the room and assumed a stand to position. The Dark Lord nodded and gestured toward the main screen which popped up schematics of their next target.

“Okay cadets here is the plan, we have a new target for the glory of the Empire. Your objective is a Republic controlled world of Fondor which is home to one of their largest shipyards. Shutting this down will bring an easy close to several soon to be conquests. If they don’t have enough ships then obviously they can’t combat our fleets.
Your mission is to disable their flagships engines, and then proceed to the planet’s surface and sabotage the shield generator to the Capital City and take down as many hyper velocity guns as you can. This will make it an easy swipe for our fleet to handle. Failure in this mission will probably result in your deaths and of course the fact that we will not be able to corrupt the world. Since we can’t spend ground forces in a siege of the city when we are at this stage of the war. Do you guys understand what I am saying?
If you fail and do not respond in 5 galactic days then we will have to call in a Base Delta Zero. Which surprisingly is not something we wish to do.”

The new personal slowly nodded.

“Well you have your mission soldiers a drop ship is waiting for you in hanger B with the rest of your squad. The main squad leader will be Sith Lord Vivian she is one of our brightest and will lead you the right way. Before you make it to the first objective there will be a diversion going on but not large enough to call their flagship to fro.”
With that they departed and boarded the dropship with the intent to ‘reclaim’ Fondor.
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The Making of the Navy Empty Re: The Making of the Navy

Post by Guest on March 11th 2012, 22:57

Recluse deflected a barrage of laser fire and unleashed a wave of force lightning. The Republic troopers were fried and burned, their corpses were charred and blackened. Their screams were unanswered.

He had no time to waste. Several of the high velocity guns were already down. He had to knock out a few more, or there would be too many left for a quick sweep by our fleet.

Recluse jogged at a steady pace and reached out with the force, searching for the next high velocity weapon. It was closer now. He could feel it. There was something else, too. A "disturbance" as the ima gonna type jedi! would say. Recluse slowed down to a walk and kept his saber staff ignited. He squinted his eyes, sensing something dangerous nearby.

Hunter Killers!

Recluse leaped high into the air, doing a backflip and narrowly escaping a blast from behind. The explosion marked the ground where he stood only a half second before. He landed swiftly on his feet, right in front of the droid who shot at him.

Time slowed down for a split second as Recluse took in the surroundings. There were 4 of them, on all sides, closing in for the kill. The droids almost had him. He shouldn't have been so focused on trying to find the super gun.

Recluse swung around in a high arc with his saber staff. The HK droid was dissected in half, and he used a force push to send the pieces flying. Swiveling around, the other 3 droids closed in and fired at him.

Recluse dived to the right and rolled, dodging their shots. He charged them, deflecting blaster rounds. A rocket went flying and Recluse leaped to the left, dodging the explosion. Dust and dirt and debris showered him, but he kept up the charge.

Reaching the HK droids, he swept his leg under it, tripping the droid. He brought his blade down while it was falling and cut the droid in half perfectly down the center. Recluse could see from his excellent peripheral vision. Two more rockets were spiraling towards him.

No time to react, he threw up a force barrier and hopped back just as they hit the ground right in front of him. He was sent flying back and landed 8 meters from where he was standing, on his back.
That angered him.

Hopping back to his feet, he lifted one of the remaining droids with the force. At the same time, he sent a horrific ripple of lightning through his finger tips, and completely fried the droid. The circuitry in it was useless now. He tossed it as hard as he could at the last one.

They were destroyed. But Recluse was still cautious. Who would send assassin droids to kill him? Surely the Republic couldn't have done it. He hadn't given anyone a reason to do something like this. Who ever sent them to kill him was a dead man walking, already having committed suicide. He just needed to find out what was going on. His comm unit chirped in his ear. It was The Dark Lord.

"What is your status, Recluse?"

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The Making of the Navy Empty Re: The Making of the Navy

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