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Godmodding vs Superhero Skill

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Godmodding vs Superhero Skill Empty Godmodding vs Superhero Skill

Post by RP Moderator on August 12th 2012, 13:08

God modding is taking a char, making him increasingly powerful, to the point that previous powerful chars are no match.
This also has a tendency to have said chars magically come up with a new ability that previously was not known. Also, god modding can be considered the act of writing your part in a multi-person rp which auto- completes some task with out any possible interventions. Example,

God Modding:

He Saw the bullet coming, knew it was going to hit his girl friend, so he dug down deep and just reflexively activated a shield around her. The round bounced away harmlessly. His eye open wide as he never been able to create a shield before. Turning his anger toward the shooter he created the shield again and enveloped the guy. Using his new found skill, he collapsed the shield into a single point. Killing the shooter.

This has god modding, meta gaming and is just plan horrible. Not only does he create a new ability out of thin air, but he then kills off another char with out that char having a "Turn" God modding to its extreme. Which mind you he not only has the new ability but then uses that new ability with out any sort of practice in a way it was not originally introduced.


Now this is more of a gray area. Why? Because most people write in a fantasy. They want they chars to be extraordinary. Bigger and better then their own lives.

Its why we watch tv, enjoy games and read books. Now, as seen with god modding there can be a extreme, though personally as long as the time is taken to explain and cultivate Super Hero Skills then i generally don't mind.

With in reason comes to mind.

In the end, there will always be super hero skills, there will always be a certain amount of god modding. But keeping it with in reason generally ends with a cool and fun story to read. Which, if people haven't forgotten, is the point of writing RPs. The story, and what it plays like in your head
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