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Kyramud Atin (Sith Order RP)

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Kyramud Atin (Sith Order RP) Empty Kyramud Atin (Sith Order RP)

Post by Guest on November 11th 2012, 01:24

Name: Kyramud Atin
Race: Human
Faction: Mandalorian
Ranking/Position: Bounty Hunter

Height: 6 ft 1inch
Build: Medium 176lbs

Hair color: Blond
Hair style: Neat and Military
Eye color: Dark Blue eyes

Clothing/Armour: Mandalorian Armor (Black and Blue): HUD, T Visor,

Combat Specialty: Sniper Rifles, Disruptor Rifles, Blaster Pistol, Gauntlet weapons

Weapon Characteristics: ZX miniature flame projector, hidden wrist blade, DXR-6 disruptor rifle, Sith sniper rifle, Wrist mounted grenade launcher.

Force Level: None

Gagets: Recces Recon probe, sensor jammer,

Prelude Information: (Origin Story/Background Info)

Kyramud Atin never really had a family. His biological parents were killed by when he was only a baby. Pirates attacked while they were trading and left him drifting in space, leaving him alone with his parents dead. Soon, He was found by a passing Mandalorian. He was adopted and raised by someone only know as Atin (not the clone). He took him to Nal Hutta were he was working for the Hutts. Soon, he disappeared and left Kyranmud alone, at the age of 10. He survived by running jobs and other illegal activities. One day, he found armor left by this adoptive father. Soon he stated taking jobs as a Assassin/Bounty Hunter he has already made a name for himself locally. Soon he has be contacted for a job on Coruscant's level 1313. Seeking fortune and Glory he prepares. While still young and new at this new career choice. He hopes to become a full Mandalorian, and the richest bounty hunter in the Galaxy.

He is gruff, not caring, and overconfident. Raise alone he has all ways looked out for number one, but when he put on his armor for the first time something awoken inside of him. He felt like he belonged some where. While he still cares about only himself and money, he seeks out this new found sense of longing and learn the ways of Mandalorians.

Through trial and error he became tougher and deadlier with his weapons and skills, but still very inexperienced.

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Kyramud Atin (Sith Order RP) Empty Re: Kyramud Atin (Sith Order RP)

Post by Goldenbudda21 on November 11th 2012, 11:07

Nice to have you aboard friend.

Speak softly and carry a big stick...or light saber, whichever.

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Kyramud Atin (Sith Order RP) Empty Re: Kyramud Atin (Sith Order RP)

Post by Burk'yc Jai on November 21st 2012, 01:44

Nice, I love reading the Bios Of A Fellow Mando'ade.

Shoot straight and run fast Ner vod!

Welcome to the Ori'ramikade.

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Combat Role: Infantry Soldier
Non Combat Role: Department of Propaganda.
Link: Propaganda Work

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Burk'yc Jai
Burk'yc Jai

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