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Seige of Rhen Var

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Seige of Rhen Var Empty Seige of Rhen Var

Post by Guest on January 3rd 2012, 21:43

The Seperatist Fleet pulled into orbit above the planet of Rhen Var. Their goal is to take the planet to gain a direct route into the Core Worlds. It is the least protected of all the routes and if they succeeded this war might turn back into their favor.

Grand Admiral Eclipse Narmele pulled the fleet into formation to prepare for the impending Republic counter attack. Troop transports poured droid armies to the planet surface. The token force the Republic left there was fighting a losing battle. The first wave of fighters got swarmed by the shear numbers of the droid fighters. Yet victory was not assured for there were a few Jedi in the garrison and one of them knew battle meditation.

A Providence class cruiser was hit hard by a bomber strike. Fighters went out to intercept but the lasers refused to hit them. This was going to prove a frusterating naval engagement...

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