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Post-Apocalyptic RP

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Post-Apocalyptic RP - Page 3 Empty Re: Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Guest on December 7th 2012, 15:32

^^//I am confused?//

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Post-Apocalyptic RP - Page 3 Empty Re: Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Guest on December 7th 2012, 16:52

//Don't worry about it. I am done with the RP's, that's all that needs understanding//

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Post-Apocalyptic RP - Page 3 Empty Re: Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Guest on December 7th 2012, 18:36


Character: Abraham Sage

Date: September 23, 2181

Setting: Posto Dei Re

Abraham sat in the cockpit of an Illuminati Ranger-class fighter. The interior was covered in virtual screens, but the seat was comfortable enough for Abraham. The radar showed that Vito and two other Illuminati pilots were trailing behind him in a loose triangle formation. Abraham had a full stomach and was wearing the highest grade of armor available. He dipped the Ranger as the group continued journey towards the heart of the city. Going at full speed, the Rangers could cross the entire city in seconds, but Abraham decided to slow the Rangers in order to search more efficiently.

This place got hit pretty bad...

Most of the buildings were just piles of rubble, and not even the glorious mansion located near the harbor was preserved. After a few moments, Abraham spotted a cluster of figures moving through a military outpost carefully, obviously aware that it could collapse. "There. Just beyond that plaza. Six or seven figures decked in military uniforms," Abraham said into the mic.

"Copy that," said Vito. From behind, two of the Rangers dipped slightly and curved away from the group. Moments later, the soldiers spotted the Rangers and readied their weapons. Just before the Rangers could charge their railguns, one of the soldiers began waving a white flag. His comrades lowered their weapons. "Stop!" Abraham yelled. It was no use. Vito's Ranger fired, and a quick burst of light shot from the jet. The kinetic round hit the ground the soldiers were standing on, and most of them were killed. From the rubble, a man limped as his comrade struggled to carry him. Vito's Ranger passed overhead and turned around to strike again.

"You bastard! Don't fire!" Abraham yelled. The Ranger that was behind Vito immediately targeted the remaining men. Abraham frantically readied his twin railguns and fired at the Ranger. Moments later, it exploded in a flash of light. Preparing for a dogfight, Abraham rolled and twisted downward. The Ranger behind him fired, and the round missed Abraham by a few feet.

Let's see how well you take me on!

Abraham dove under Vito's Ranger as it charged towards him. The Ranger behind Abraham fired another shot, but Abraham activated the Ranger's shielding charge. Almost immediately, a thin layer of electromagnetic energy surrounding the Ranger. The ballistic round bounced off of it, and hit Abraham's opponent's Ranger. All who remained was Vito. Abraham lost sight off him, but then heard him yelling something over the COM channel. "This is Vito Giuseppe. Abraham Sage has gone rogue. I repeat: Abraham Sage has gone rogue!" At this, Abraham rolled his Ranger and saw Vito's speeding away.

Coward. You better get out of here.

Knowing that soon an entire battalion of Illuminati Rangers and Lancers would be here, Abraham landed in the old courtyard of Marco's mansion. After shutting off all COM channels on his suit, Abraham put his helmet on and jumped out of the Ranger. He checked his weapons. In his pistol holster was a PES-10, a pistol that emitted an electromagnetic pulse. Abraham sighed as he realized how worthless it truly was. In his back's storage compartment, he found a Butcher assault rifle, a container full of pills that appeared to be similar to the ones he had survived off of, some extra ammunition and a few grenades.

Abraham turned and looked at the ruins of the mansion. After careful thought, he decided that if he explored it, the Illuminati forces would be here before he could leave. He began to walk through the mansion towards the main entrance when he heard a noise. "{Help!}" someone said in what sounded like a Russian dialect. Abraham crouched behind the remains of a wall and heard shuffling. Two figures, the ones Vito were about to kill, came into the courtyard from around the corner. They stared at the Ranger for a moment. Then the one carrying the wounded one attempted something he would regret.

The man began to climb into the Ranger, before Abraham fired a short burst from his Butcher at the man. Abraham didn't want the Illuminati to find him more easily than they had to. The bullets struck him in the side, and he collapsed to the ground lifelessly. The wounded man, who had fallen, shrieked and crawled away from the Ranger. Abraham came out from behind cover and looked at him. He was a young man wearing a military uniform and a gas mask. Tears streaked his face and blooded flowed from his knee where an iron rod penetrated his flesh. Abraham looked around and helped him up.

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Post-Apocalyptic RP - Page 3 Empty Re: Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Goldenbudda21 on December 7th 2012, 20:28

CHAPTER 3, Part 4 Ops
SETTING: USS Scavenger
DATE: Sept. 24, 2180
CHARACTER D'Artagnian Everard

There was no reply to the transmission Dolf sent out. With no one heard them or no one wanted to fight for their cause, which was understandable since Germany was so powerful. However, they had picked up some leaked information that some weapons smugglers were working out of Egypt. These smugglers were sending high level weapons to Germany and fueling their war drive. This needed to be stopped.

Dolf called the T.B.O. into the best and gave them orders to go to Egypt, find the smugglers and eradicate them and destroy their hideout. This would bring a weapons shortage to the Germans.

The T.B.O. got their orders and suited up in black armored suits along with anything they would need. The suits bore no countries insignia or flag so that all would believe America was still as worthless as all assumed.

They departed after briefing and entered into the Leviathan. It was a class A-1 armored submarine shaped like snakes head and a long flowing swim tail on the end. This vehicle had been confused for a sea monster for centuries but it was truly Americas underwater ops carrier.

"We have to go through the Atlantic and then enter into the Mediterranean Sea and one we reach the mouth of the Nile we will go on foot. Ginger, how long to target?"
"12 hours."
"In 12 hours we take land." Dart said looking out the sub.

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Post-Apocalyptic RP - Page 3 Empty Re: Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Guest on December 27th 2012, 01:15

(murr i am new to the RP, not RP'ing per se)

Part1: Drifting
SETTING: Michigan,Detroit
DATE: December, 21 2180

I sat watching from the shattered window down into the streets below. The winter is bitter cold, a cold that you can never shake off, not in this kind of world. A new gust of frigid wind blows into the crack, I wrap myself in the only blanket i could salvage from the past few weeks and i shiver huddled in the corner. I am only 20 years old but i may as well be 40 knowing and seeing what i have. I was separated from my family a few years ago, met people, parted ways, you know... just being a drifter. I miss the life of actually having sometime to love. Its unfortunate that fate should make a soul live such a life.

I look out again and see a few shapes through the gusts of snow- too far away, too cold to go out... too dangerous.

Detroit is a unhappy place. Those few that remain here either make a living from the little trade of fishing or supplied shipped south, or are the typical pillaging raiders. My parents taught me to defend myself, these past years, i have made it my effort to use my skills to help people... its a thankless and often tragic side job. Even now i see flash backs which consume the mind... sometimes the only way to forget is alcohol, whenever you can get your hands on that gold...

then again, being alone in this land may be the only think that keeps me sane. I look back towards my rifle propped a foot away from me, the stock half buried in a drift, images flash through my mind.

Why cant i accept this life?...

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Post-Apocalyptic RP - Page 3 Empty Re: Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Guest on December 27th 2012, 01:19

Hate to break it to you man, but this is pretty much dead. I'm going to be starting up a new one soon. Don't worry, you'll have an RP.

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Post-Apocalyptic RP - Page 3 Empty Re: Post-Apocalyptic RP

Post by Guest on December 27th 2012, 01:30

It seemed rather like that... but alright, although it seemed like it had some potential.

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Post by Sponsored content

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