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Post by Guest on March 18th 2013, 01:57

Chapter 22: Without a Past, there is no Future.
Date: October 25th, 2181
Character: Alana Groombridge
Setting: New York Underground, Bedroom

Back before all of this, we had once been a happy couple. Images of Mars displayed themselves for her. She could see, feel, and hear everything around her.

Alana felt happy...

This was when her and Allen first met, so many years ago. It was in the very first cycle of schooling and they were in a class of 41 other children. The Warden instructed us to get into groups of 5. Naturally, that would leave out one person and of course it would end up being her.

It was an social exercise to classify all of the kids in matter of minutes. The naturally open students would gang up together while the shy students wold tend to be by themselves or others like them. This was what it was supposed to be like, but it ended up being who was the most popular and pretty. She had been neither when she was young so she was the one left by herself.

It hurt really bad but she held her emotions in. She could feel the eyes of the other students occasionally glaring at her and cracking a big smile. Alana started to do the assignment, which was building an improved protective dome based on the one they were under. The expectations were high from the warden and many of the other groups succeeded in building a dome even better than the one around them. She how ever couldn't make the dome stable and it fell over and over again.

Her face shone bright red as she could hear tiny snippets of laughter and whispering at her attempts whispering. She was just about to give up when a young boy walked up to her and helped her.

"Here, put a stabilizer here, here, and here. Also, make the material Osmium diboride. IT'll strengthen your structure while giving it the stability it needs." He said, adding his solution to her mess.

She didn't say anything. She just looked at the dome and saw the efficiency ranking pop up moments later. It was a full 379.23% more efficient, which was the class highest.

The warden walked over to them and congratulated the boy, but he didn't end it there. He actually told the Warden that Alana had done the majority, so the rewards should go to her.

It was a complete shocker to Alana, who expected it to be some form of joke against her, but she could tell from how he acted that it was real.

The class was later dismissed and they all went on their way back home. Most would take a Mag-Tram a crossed the city, but Alana would never do so in fear of more ridicule. She always walked home, even if it was numerous miles.

This day however, as she walked home she could hear the small steps of another child behind her. Alana tried walking faster but then so did the other behind her.

What was it next? Another prank? More Ridicule?

She began running through the crowded streets of her City but her pursuer was relentless. She tried to cut through an alley which was the worst idea she could've had.

Not all of the Martian population had been rich, some would serve the richer and some would become like bandit criminals in retaliation. She just happened to go into the wrong alley. It was a gathering spot for a gang of which she couldn't remember the name. She stopped running completely when she found out the mistake she had just made.

"Well, Well. What have we here? A little rich girl, eh?" One of the Gang members said as the other's turned and realized the treasure that walked up to them.

Alan tried to turn and run away but was caught by a gang member that slipped in behind her. He grabbed both her arms in a tight grip, and this is when she panicked. He held her off the ground a few feet, which unknowingly gave her a prime position to kick him. She gave that member the biggest kick she had ever giving straight into the groin with a satisfying result, she even thought she her a popping sound.

The man released her and buckled over in agony. Alana took this opportunity to run out of the alley, but as soon as she almost made it a loud sound came from behind her. She didn't know what it was at first but then she felt an enormous force pushing her forward and onto the ground face first.

She felt no pain as she hit the concrete and slid a few feet. As soon as she stopped sliding, she tried to get up but her arms wouldn't move. Looking down, she saw a small pool of blood grow larger and larger from her chest.

She had been shot.

At this point, her hearing started to fade, yet she could hear a commotion all around her. At first she didn't know what it was, then she didn't even care. She began to feel numb and her breathing slowed.

She felt so tired, all she wanted to do is to just go to sleep. She closed her eyes ans she had the sensation of flight overcome her.

She would awaken to the sight a plain white ceiling unlike any she had seen. Her feeling came back to her slowly, and her whole body felt sore. Alana looked around the empty room to see a lot of medical instruments around her. Lifting her head, she could see a large assortment of tubes of numerous colors pumping into her covered body. She tried to move but she found out she was restrained.

"Hey now, don't move to much, it'll mess with the procedure.' A voice came from her right.

She tilted her head to see the boy from class in a bed like hers. He had no tubed pumping into him, but she could see he had a few cuts and scratches on his face, as well as a black eye.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, still genuinely wary of the boy.

He cracked a big smile and said, "I saved you, darling."

She put two and two together, he had been the child behind her, and the cause of the commotion when she had been on the ground. The question that stayed in her mind is how did her take on a whole gang, he would never tell her though.

"My names Allen, by the way."

Allen, hmm. That was a nice name, too bad she hadn't liked hers though.

"My names Alana." She said with moderate disdain for her name.

He smiled again, "That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He said.

Her face lite up with heat and redness and she couldn't stop herself from smiling. No one had ever called her beautiful before, and he was the first. As a matter of fact, he had really been the only other kid that's even paid any sort of attention towards besides laughing at or other forms of bullying. He was different, though.

Her stomach had butterflies in it and the machine nearest to her beeped increasingly faster. The door then swung open revealing one man and two women in plain white uniforms whom walked up to her.

"Patient conscious, give her a sedative." One of them said.

Seconds later she was out again.

It would be years later that she would find out that she had been clinically dead for several minutes before other help had arrived and she would've stayed that way had Allen not fought off the gang long enough for Federation troops to arrive so she could be sent to the hospital. They had to do an experimental regenerative surgery to bring her back, a process that took 8 full months to complete.

She would wake up every week or so to see Allen sitting by her side. He would do so for the entire 8 months.

She had know from that point that she loved him and this would continue to this day, even after his "death." She remembered the day clearly.

It was one of the brightest days they have had in years due to a solar flare, and she and her dad along with a few other families gathered at the cemetery. she felt lost and broken, like her whole being just died along with him. The tears poured down her face as her father tried to comfort her. The look on Allen's blank face in the casket overwhelmed her.

It was so peaceful.

She had nobody to be with anymore, and no one she could trust. Alana shut herself in and would rarely show her feeling after that day. She soon joined the Federation as her father had hoped for and would train in as a communications specialist.

Many months ran by, then years, as the ship to Earth became a reality. A reality she wanted to be a part of for Allen, if nothing else.

And then we're back at the present. All of the rest fell in place up to this day and yet after all of it, she couldn't help to remember the little boy that saved her life now saving a planet with her.

She laid in Allen's bed and brushed he hand over the scar on her chest she still had from the bullet, it was centimeters away from her heart. It was on the list of many miracles that occurred in her childhood, most of them being Allen.

She couldn't stop but smiling at that thought.

"You awake, dear?" Allen asked from the doorway.

Alana sat up on the bed, "Yeah." She replied. She couldn't think of anything better she could've said, although she'd know she's think of something later.

"Hmm, mind if I join in?" He asked, "I fell like I could collapse."

He walked to the bed and got laid own under its covers.

"It's not easy running a...." He began to say. Alana gave him a kiss, stopping him completely. His soft hand brushed her face and then a kiss became another and another, then eventually they made love.

She knew that she loved him and even if it's only a few days, she would spend them all by his side.

They were ready for the hell that awaits...

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Post by Goldenbudda21 on March 18th 2013, 19:48

Chapter 25: Making Plans
Character: Darius Ashry
Setting: Bluehawk HQ
Date: October 25, 2181

Darius sat there looking around at the inside of the new HQ that had been generously given to the new organization. He wasn't impressed. But, it was hard to impress a war-torn Egyptian assassin. He wasn't easily amused. He sat there beside his new iron giant friend as the 'Blue Hawks' , as they referred to themselves, retreated into a back room where his keen hearing could only pick up few words from behind the thick lead door. The door impressed him, but that was about it. Darius had made a life using his hearing, and for something to block out sound, that was impressive. He looked around some more and noticed the girl he had fought with in the street. He remembered the conversation very well. He wanted to speak with her.

He raised from his seat and strides over. Halifax just watched with his arms crossed as the Egyptian walked over to the woman. Darius could tell she had something on her mind but it wasn't going to stop him from speaking with her. He sat down in the empty chair next to her. He stayed silent for a moment as she looked at the weapon she was holding. Then finally he broke the silence.
"You fight well." He said as he carefully watched his words. She fought earlier for him helping her, he didn't want to get caught in another fight cuz of an offense. "You remind me alot of myself." The woman didn't answer. "However, you lack in speed, but you make up for it in power. You are impressive for a woman." The woman turned with an expressionless face. But still no words.
"You know, i could help that cut." Darius said looking at the leg he had gashed. It still hadn't healed yet. "If you let me." The woman made a slight nod. Darius then called for S.C.A.R.A.B. which scurried from the ring to the cut. Darius took this opportunity to get closer.

"I have been around the word killing people for years." Darius whispered. "But with the state of the world, i wouldn't have expected a Russian in America." The woman was surprised. Instinctively she reached for her sword but Darius caught her hand. "no sense in being alarmed." The woman was clearly upset at the Egyptian as she dated at the grip he had on her. "I have no problems with the Russians...especially KGB." Now the woman was very perturbed. She was unsure how he knew. "Your blade." He said as if answering her question. "You should take the hammer and sickle symbol off...i knew in our fight what you were. Not much escapes these eyes." She called, he could feel her body loose tension so he let her go. "However, we will fight again Russian, but only when i get a new arm. But for now, truce." Darius held out his hand to shake and the woman remembered before when she did the same for him...

She didn't move. "Well, if you wish to speak any more, im right across the room." The mechanical bug cane back to the egyptians ring and Darius got up and sat back down beside Halifax who hadnt moved a muscle the whole time.

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Post by Rocknbaseball on March 18th 2013, 20:52

Chapter 18: Welcome to Hell
Character: John Remedio
Date: October 27, 2181
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"We should stop, we're nearing Bloodhound territory" said John as he remembered that they controlled the territory a few miles north of Miami. The van came to a slow stop and they all got out with they're equipment.

"So whats the plan?" asked Johnson.

"We're going to head on foot into Bloodhound territory, once we are deep in we'll find a good place to set up an HQ." John observed his team as he said this, then he saw Rodriguez make a motion.

"Um... thats it?"

"Baby steps Rodriguez, first things first, then we'll worry about attacking them. We can't go in blind. We need to know exactly what they do and at what time they do it. We also need to know just how good they're defenses are. We're using guerrilla tactics so we need to scout a lot."

"Well im ready for the task sir" said Johnson.

"Good, lets head out" John said and they started walking towards Miami.


*an hour later*

John and his team hid inside a nearby building as they observed the outpost. There where two towers and in between was a gate that was able to open to let people in. John saw the guards in the tower and also saw more guards inside.

"Looks like thats the border" John said finally breaking the long silence.

"They actually established a fucking border!" said Rodriguez as he gave a long sigh.

"This is gonna be more difficult than I thought" thought John as he continued to survey the area.

An old armored vehicle (a Humvee) came up to the checkpoint. The gate opened and the vehicle continued on its journey.

Just then he heard the opening of a door. Then he heard some laughter, sounded like there was at least two individuals in the building. John put his finger in front of his mouth signaling to be quite. He moved slowly towards the noise. He reached the door and it sounded like the men were on the other side.

"Oh man if only chain of command wasn't such a big deal I would give the Sergeant the beating he always deserved." There was laughter from the other man approving that statement.

"So they're organized" thought John. Just then John knocked down a cup that was on a table next to him. The two men were now alerted.

"Who's in there? I swear Ramirez if its you trying to pull one of your pranks im going to cut you up"

The two men moved slowly towards the door. John took out his combat knife and prepared to fight. Then there was gun shots from the room where he left the others. At the sound of the shots the two men charged the door.

As they went through the door John grabbed one of the guys and stabbed him in the neck. The other guy was not expecting this so he was slow to pull up his gun. John still holding the now dead man as shield reached down into the mans holster and pulled his pistol and fired one shot into the head of the other man. He dropped the body and ran to the other room.

In an instance he saw three things, two dead men at the doorway in the other side of the room, his team still intact and staring at him, and outside the window he saw the guards mobilizing ready to investigate.

"We need to get out of here" said John.

Then a drone flew in front of the window. It was not armed but it had a black ball underneath which John did not know what the purpose of it was. As John raised his XM8 and fired a burst towards the drone, the drone flew away unharmed. John saw that one of the armored vehicles had arrived to the checkpoint.

"We're taking that vehicle!" John said as he to cover behind the wall.

"Lets go out the back and flank them."

They went out the back of the building and as John turned the corner he saw that the guards threw smoke grenades in the house. John signaled Rodriguez and Linda to go around the other side of the house to surround the guards. When they got in position they came out and fired at the guards as they were about to breach the building.

Many of them were down and John ran to the nearest dead guard and took a smoke grenade. The guards in the towers were now firing and John threw the smoke grenade to cover them.

"Run to the vehicle!" he screamed and they all ran as the guards now had no idea where they were standing. John could barely see the vehicle but he reached it and then got in. The team got in behind him and John turned the vehicle around and they drove away.

Revenge is underrated

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Post by Agent Shadow on March 18th 2013, 23:28

Chapter X: The Apex Project
Unknown location
Unknown date
"It's incredible isn't it?" Dmitri commented. Nikolai only shrugged in response. While he admittedly was quite impressed with the huge increase in Volkov's performance, he had his mind in other places. Just recently, Niklas Hitler contacted him and hoped to forge an alliance between Germany and Russia. He was too busy to handle the inner affairs of the KGB.

"Dmitri, I will be going out for a bit. In the mean time, you take command, ok? And, prepare our убийца for deployment."

"Understood, Nikolai." Dmitri said. Nikolai nodded and walked out. Dmitri didn't give it any thought until later, for now he was watching the skirmish below.

Below in the training room, Volkov and Jericho were about to begin a training run through. She liked the operation that was done to her. Aside from the cosmetic changes (her eyes and voice, everyone commented on.) She felt like her brain was a computer. She could think through and process things so much faster than usual. It was exhilarating.

"Hey Lexi, you ready?" Jericho smiled.
He was somewhat short for most men his age, only 6', but he was lightning fast. He had untidy black hair, and brown eyes. Like all other KGB, he had a signature crafted sword, though his was unique because it was a Rapier. Unusual, but he was more of a marksman than a duelist, most KGB were, the sword is just the iconic "badge" each carry. He was also the only person in the world that addressed her as Lexi.

"Ready when you are." She nodded back. He loaded his TT-33 (Customized like most KGB gear, diamond plated) and placed the breach on the door.

In unison:


The charge blew the door apart as Alexis and Jericho stepped in, shooting the targets as they popped up. Each target was knocked down as quickly as it came up, and within seconds the room was clear.

"Excellent work!" The intercom crackled, "A record broken, as usual."

Afterwards, Jericho and Alexis walked down the castle walls to the barracks.

"I noticed it took you two shots to hit that target, Jericho. Getting old are we?" She teased.
"Coming from the girl who's on steroids." He grunted. She only laughed.
"A bit jealous are we?"
"Why would I be? I don't need some special procedure to be good, I already am."
"Don't flatter yourself!"
He turned and pushed her against the wall, pinning her.
"Ohh, getting mad" She teased. He opened his mouth for a response but was at loss for words like he always was when he looked into her eyes. They were a darker shade of purple, a very beautiful color. Instead, he leaned in and kissed her lips.

"Naughty, I'm pretty sure this violates some KGB code." She said after he broke the embrace.
"Since when did you follow rules?" He grinned. She smiled and kissed him again.
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Post by Rocknbaseball on March 19th 2013, 17:57

Chapter 19: El Jefe
Location: Bloodhound HQ Miami, FL
Date: October 27, 2181

It was a dark room. The only light was the lamp on the table in the middle of the room. This was where Juan-Carlo Dominguez, also known as El Jefe, liked to do his thinking. His best ideas came from inside this room. This is where he thought out the invasion against the Liberators.

He was looking at the latest report from the cargo ship that arrived from the U.K. 5 tons of Uranium and 10 tons of Plutonium. Juan smiled. The Templars were holding their side of the deal and as long as they did that he would hold his side.

Just then a man walked in the room out of breath. "Mierda!" cursed Juan.

"How many times do I have to tell you to never interrupt me while im in here"

" Lo siento Jefe, but there is something you have to see"

The man threw several photographs on the table. Juan pulled them towards him and looked at them one by one.

"When was this?" he finally asked.

"A couple hours ago" responded the man rather nervously.

"Well well, I head a feeling you were still alive John" he thought as he looked at a picture of John raising his XM8 about to shoot at the drone.

"Jefe, what should we do?"

"The Templar" responded Juan.

"You mean the mercenary, Jefe?"

"Si. Call him and tell him I want to see him"

"Si Jefe" The man quickly walked out of the room.


*Several minutes later*

The door to the room opened again. A man walked in, his face not visible because of the lack of light in the room.

"Bienvenidos, please sit" said Juan as he smiled up to the man.

The man sat down across from Juan, his face still not visible. Then he began to speak.

"If you are not going to pay me for this don't even bother." The man had a strong British accent. He must have left England not more than a month ago.

"Oh don't worry about that you will be getting paid a handsome amount for this job."

The man smiled, but Juan couldn't see it.

"What do you need?"

"Do you remember the leader of the Liberators?"

"The man I killed? Yes I remember"

Juan gave him the pictures of John.

"Well his son, John Remedio, is still alive and he wants revenge. These were taken in Ft. Lauderdale at checkpoint alpha. He and his team then took one of our humvees and fleed north, probably not too far. I want you to find him but don't kill him."

"Don't kill him?" responded the mercenary.

"I want you to bring him alive. I want to have a chat with him"

"How much will you pay me?"

"500 gold coins now and 500 when the job is done"

The mercenary smiled again.

"You got yourself a deal"

Juan smiled. "This is great and please hurry up with this task, I have to go to Cuba to oversee some issues and I don't want John in the way."

"It will be done" the mercenary got up and walked out of the room.

Revenge is underrated

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Post by Guest on March 20th 2013, 01:36

Chapter 28: Painful
Character: Leon Zhirov
Setting: HQ, Williamsburg
October 25 2181

//WARNING, this story is based of a event in my life so names and places and outcomes have been changed//

Leon was deep in thought. His thoughts dwell on his past. Memories should be buried and forgotten, good and bad. Leon sat in a chair facing the window looking out at the Williamsburg filled movement.

“You wanted to see me?” asked Brutus. Leon asked him to come see him after He and Isaacs training was over with. Leon continued staring out the window and he motion him to sit next to him.

“Brutus, you have absolutely no control over your drink and your emotions.” Leon said coldly.

Brutus was about to object but Leon stopped him stone cold.

“Don’t you dare try to justified your actions!” Leon said angrily as he stared him down.

“I was once like you, I thought I could take on the world, but I paid for it.”

Leon sighed as Brutus looked at him confused. Leon told his tale.

-3 years ago-

“Good work today my son, your just about as good as me Hahaha” Yuri laughed with a bellow.

Leon smiled, “I aim to please Dad!”

Soon there is a knock at their door, and Yuri opened it to find Sarah at the door.

“Leon your любовник is here Ha ha ha.” Yuri said
“Заткнись, папа!” Leon said as he turned to Sarah.

“Hey.” Leon said with a smile
“Hey” Scarlett said with nervous smile.

“I be home later Dad!” said Leon as he walked out the door.

Leon and Scarlett walked down to there favorite part of the local lake, were they sat at a worn out benched. Scarlett laid her head on Leon’s shoulder.

“This is prefect,” Leon said with large smile on his face. Scarlett nodded as got up and propped herself up.

Leon met here gaze and they both looked at each other. “You know you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever known.”

Scarlett nervously smiled and kissed Leon cheek.

“I love you” Leon said
“I love you too” Scarlett replied.

Scarlett got up and kissed Leon over and over again. They stayed at the lake for hours on end. It was truly the happiest time of his life.

-5 months later-

Leon was at the local bar, drunk, after Scarlett dumped him for Jean-Luc the same damn man that introduced them both, but stole her away as part of his sick fantasies.

Leon was fuming, his father must been both pissed and worried, but he could wait. Leon soon passed out on the table. When he woke up and he smelled smoke.

Leon ran to the Blue Hawks H.Q. as fast as he could. It was fire as if someone had attacked it.

“DAD? DAD!” Leon called out as he ran to the courtyard. He saw the man behind it all Karv as he was grappling with his father. Why did he attack the H.Q.? He was a top Hawk? Leon tried to get to them so he can help his father. Two figures stood between him and help his Dad.


“You shouldn’t talk you your friends that way.” Leon looked on with horror at who was. It was Jean-Luc, Disgraced Blue Hawk and betrayer and the other figure was Scarlett.


“Karv offered me a large rewarded to help him with his plan and screwing you over was the icing on the cake!” He said with an evil smile. Leon was confused.

“How was taking my girlfriend destroying the Blue Hawks?”

“Because you were off drinking when you should be helping your father. Karv could get to Yuri and dismantle you organization! Your father is good DEAD!”

He raised a gun at the direction of Leon and yelled “This is the end of the Blue Hawks and of LEON ZHIROV!”

Leon drew his gun but he wasn’t fast enough. The bullet past through his shoulder and he was in a lot of pain.

Jean-Luc fired another shot but Scarlett at the last second jumped in front of the bullet as it lodged itself in its stomach.

As Leon got up from the ground he saw what had happened. Leon vision grew red, he marched up to the Son-of-Bitch he once called a friend. Luc tried shooting Leon again but his gun jammed. He tried to unjam but it was to late.

Leon showed him no mercy. His fist punched the traitor face in until his face was nothing more than a bloody mess on the ground. He rushed over to Scarlett to she if she could be saved. She look at Leon, and before she died she could only say, “I’m sorry Leon, I lov----.”

Leon began to tear up, but he remember his father and rushed to his aid. He was to late again; his father was on the ground he was wounded. Karv must have cripped him some how to beat his father.

"You may not be my biological son Leon, but i couldn't have asked for a better son or Hawk."
"Don't leave me Dad, i can't do this without you."
"You are strong my son and you can do it can do i......t....."
"Dad? DAD!!!!!"

Leon didn’t move for over a hour. After Leon buried his father, he looked at the mess he made of his former friend. He picked up Scarlett and buried her in the same place were they loved to spend there days. She might have never have loved him, or she did but Leon couldn’t fully forgive her. The only thing that matter now was……… revenge.

-Present day-

“Because of my anger, and my drinking, I got shot, my father died and the girl I loved was killed all in the same day. It’s a miracle I’m alive.”

“Brutus” Leon continued “don’t make the same mistakes I made.”

Brutus looked down then nodded at Leon.

“I work harder sir” he said

“Good……… your dismissed” said Leon

Brutus got up and he walk out of the room.

Leon closed his eyes; Memories should be buried and forgotten, good and bad.

He got up but as he turned he saw Hotep in the doorway.

“How much did you hear?” Leon asked.

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Chapter 26: Leon
Character: Darius Ashry
Setting: Blue Hawk HQ
Date: October 25, 2181

Darius sat back in his seat in silence thinking of the Russian, if she wanted to talk, she would've already. She clearly had too much on her mind right now.
"When do you think we will leave?" Halifax asked keeping his arms folded.
"I dont know. Maybe Leon has some information on our departure. I'll go ask." Darius got up and made his way to the door leading into the back room.

The door opened and at a table in the middle of the room was Leon and the drunken Hawk from the bar, Brutus was his name, but Darius wasn't completely sure until he began to overhear the conversation.

At the end of the talk, Brutus walked away and Leon noticed the Egyptian. “How much did you hear?” Leon asked.
"Enough." Darius replied walking over and taking a seat. Leon didn't like that the assassin overheard, it made him feel like the Egyptian had seen a weak side of him. "Your story, it is a sad one." Darius said solemnly.
"You sound as if you know what I speak of Hotep." Leon replied.
"Have I told you how my father died Leon?"
"No, I dont believe you have." Leon replied only slightly interested in the Egyptians story.

"He was murdered, before my very eyes, actually both he and my mother were murdered in cold blood when I was a boy by treasure hunters who were going to steal priceless artifacts from the ruins my parents were excavating. I watched two strangers put a bullet in each of their heads." Darius pulled the gun from his side. "This was my fathers, and also the gun that killed both my parents, shot by cowards by the weapon used to protect my mother and father."
'Your story reminds me of my first and last love. An assassin like myself, killed on a job we were hired to do. I learned then, love, its nothing but a distraction."

Leon stayed silent. He had no idea how similar they were. "Elizabeth cares a great deal about you." Leon finally said cutting the silence.
"I know." Darius replied.
"Do you not care for her?"
"I can't allow myself to, even more so with one good arm, I can't afford a distraction like love when I am so greatly handicapped."
"You sound like you have lived a lonely life Hotep."
"Leon, an assassin is lonely...he must be so that way he isn't weak. I kill whomever I am paid to, was paid to...i couldn't risk it being someone I cared about. Its why it is so hard to have a friend now. I recall the rules of friendship I have for myself, 'Before I allow someone to be called friend, they must first share combat against me. But my brother is one who shares combat beside me.' All of those who I allow in must be able to fight, I can't afford the destruction of protecting them."

Leon didn't know what to say. He recalled the times he disagreed with Hotep in so many things, but he never really thought of how different the life of a lone assassin differed from a soldier. Even an organization of assassins would have a better life than this Egyptian must've had.
"I can say this about your story though Leon, to be a great person, a great warrior, the mind must be clear and the man strong. For you to give up the poison like you did, that required strength. You will make a great leader." With his last words, the Egyptian left and returned to his seat beside Halifax.

"Well what?"
"Any word from Leon?"
"Damn." Halifax just shook his head at the forgetful assassin.

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Post by Rocknbaseball on March 23rd 2013, 00:28

Chapter 20: New Friend
Character: John Remedio
Date: October 27, 2181
Location: 5 miles from checkpoint alpha

John and his team settled in a two story building. They put down all their equipment and their weapons. John didn't want to waste any time. He wanted to go and scout out the area and see how they can get inside the border and cripple the bloodhounds. But all this takes time. He needs a miracle.

"I'm going to scout along the border see if I can find a way inside."

They nodded and turned to other duties. John picked up his XM8 and a couple mags. He did the same for his KAP-40. Then he walked out into the sunset.

He walked the long 5 miles and came across the fence that signaled the border. The Bloodhounds had put a fence border, with barbed wire on top, that seperated south Florida with the rest of the state.

He was looking around and found no patrols. Then he looked up and saw a small figure in the distance. As it got closer he noticed that it was another one of the drones he saw earlier. He quickly took cover in a tore down building and hoped it didn't see him.

The drone made a 90 degree turn and flew along the border. As he watched the drone fly out of sight he heard the sound of a pistols hammer being cocked back. Then he felt the barrel of the gun on the back of his head.

"Who are you and why are you hear?"

The man had a British accent. John didn't move a muscle.

He had to quickly decide what to tell him. He decide that if he were with the Bloodhounds he would have killed him already, so he told him the truth.

"My name is John Remedio and I'm hear to destroy the Bloodhounds."

The man gave a hysterical laugh. "Destroy the Bloodhounds?" He continued laughing. The man lowered his pistol and holstered it. John turned to see him.

John could only stare at him, anger boiling up inside. The man had black hair and hazel eyes, but he was no pretty boy. He had a scar running from his forehead down to his eye. He was wearing torn clothes and he looked like he has been through hell and worse.

"So you are John Remedio" The man inspected John from head to toe.

"Their radio chatter has been going crazy about you"

"The Bloodhounds? They know im here?"

"Yep, it looks like one of their drones got a good look at you."

John now remembered the drone that had seen him through the window. Now he knew what they did. They were recon drones, probably the same one that was patrolling the border.

John then remembered that this man never gave his name or explained himself.

"And you are?" asked John.

"Oh where are my manners. My name is Thomas McCoy and I'm a spy for the Templars."

"The Templars?" asked John.

"You've never heard of them? Well we govern almost all of Western Europe and I think it is probably the safest place in the world, now that the Germans have been taken care of."

"So then why are you hear?" asked John still confused.

"Well you don't know a damn thing now don't you. Well I guess you can count on yanks like you to be ignorant, or clueless whichever offends you more"

Thomas gave a smile of humor then, seeing that John was not amused, he continued on his explanation.

"The Bloodhounds struck a trade deal with the Templars. We trade them uranium and plutonium, and in return they trade us what we want."

"Which is?" asked John.

"That's classified"

"It still doesn't explain why there would be a Templar spy here" responded John.

"Im getting there. So we have been keeping up with our side of the deal but there has been a decrease in the shipments from the Bloodhounds. The Templars are getting angry and they want to know whats up."

"I guess it makes more sense now"

"Look kid, I'll help you just cause I hate these Colombian bastards, there're fucking pricks if you ask me. And also the Templars right now would rather see the Bloodhounds destroyed then them ripping us off."

"Ok well thats great, we could use all the help we can get."

"We?" asked Thomas.

"I have a team. We are stationed a couple miles from here."

"Well after you then"

John found his miracle.

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Chapter 29: It’s Time
Character: Leon Zhirov
Setting: HQ, Williamsburg
October 25 2181

Memories should be forgotten and buried, good and bad.

Leon sat there reflecting on the Egyptian words. Their professions, mentality’s differed, but still they had some common ground. His parting words made him think to most.

"I can say this about your story though Leon, to be a great person, a great warrior, the mind must be clear and the man strong. For you to give up the poison like you did, that required strength. You will make a great leader."

He was right, he needed to clear his mind and stay strong. He had grown a new found respect for Hotep and maybe he could fight him one day and he might earn his trust.

“Leon we have a new information!” Daniel called out to Leon.

Leon walked into the room and saw all the Hawks around the map.

“What’s going on?” Leon asked
Tom was the one who spoke up “Its seem some refuges have arrived from New York with reports of “Aliens” patrolling the area.”

Leon froze, he knew what he was talking maybe Allana was alive after all…..

“How soon can we depart?” Leon said a in loud voice.

“2 days, by then the Kodiak will be ready and filled with everything we need” Daniel replied.

“Good, make it happen I need to tell our “Clients” when we depart

Leon walk into the room were Alexis and the other were sitting. Alexis seem to still be deep in thought as it seems.

“We will be departing for New York, on the 26 I suggest you all get prepared, we will be getting the Kodiak ready for take off.”

It was getting close to the end, Karv will soon be dead and he could put his past behind him.

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Chapter 21: The chance we need
Character: John Remedio
Date: October 28, 2181
Location: 5 miles from checkpoint alpha

Everyone already liked Thomas. He was an interesting character and was very fun to be around with. Rodriguez especially liked him because they would just joke around all the time.

The night before they spent listening to the stories of Thomas life, or what he wanted us to know. John still hasn't forgotten that he is a spy and, even though the Templars have nothing to do with John, he still didn't trust him.

Thomas told stories of his years spying on the Germans. He kept complaining on what a hideous city New Berlin was, "Filled with pricks who think they can rob anyone and get away with it" he said.

He told a story of one kid, about 12 years of age, that went to pickpocket him. "I was walking down this nasty street. When I say nasty I mean nasty. There were prostitutes and drunk bastards trying to get with them for free. I saw a women get mugged but that was none of my concern. So anyways I'm walking right, and I see this kid, must have not been older than 12, he's walking towards me. He looks up at me and he smiles. The kid looks retarded as fuck and at this point I'm thinking, What the fuck is wrong with this kid? When he gets right in front of me somehow the little prick puts his hands inside my coat pocket and takes my wallet. Now normally I would've chased him down but not this time.

"Why not?" asked Rodriguez

Thomas started laughing and then responded, "Cause that wallet was actually a C12 charge that looks like a wallet"

Everyone was laughing now, especially Thomas who looked like he was gonna die.

"Oh man the shit you get to use when you're a spy for the Templars. I mean I can imagine that kid putting money in the thing thinking its actually a wallet"

At this remark Thomas gave an even bigger laugh.

Thats how the whole evening went by. A bunch of tales that lightened up the mood.

It was morning now and Thomas was on the radio he had brought. He said he stole it from a patrol to listen into conversations between them.

Then they heard what they were looking for.

"Foxtrot 1 this is Whiskey Command do you copy?"

"This is Foxtrot 1 we hear you loud and clear Whiskey Command over"

"Foxtrot 1 you have a shipment headed towards checkpoint Alpha via cargo truck at 1200 hr. We want you and your team to guard checkpoint Alpha until the truck is clear over"

"We copy Whiskey command we'll be there over"

Thomas stood up from excitement.

"That's it John, we got em. We attack that convoy and steal that cargo, and if we're lucky that cargo is filled with uranium or plutonium."

John thought for a second.

"Leverage" said John.

"Exactly" said Thomas.

So it was set. The whole team prepared for the raid. They packed lots of ammo and set out to checkpoint alpha.

The plan was to plant C12 charges along the road. Once the front vehicle is in position they will set off the C12. Then they will assault the other vehicles that are surrounding the truck with heavy gun fire. Once the vehicles stop they'll use grenades to finish them off. Then they'll move in on the truck.

All this was to take place 2 miles from checkpoint Alpha so that they have enough time to execute the plan before reinforcements come to save the day.

Everyone was ready. John was ready. He was eager to commence stage one of his revenge.

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Chapter 23: The Eyes of the World
Date: October 26th, 2181
Character: Alana Groombridge
Setting: New York Underground

It was time...

Tensions were high as everyone readied for the attack. Soon we would take the fight to the Federation. The odds are against us, we are outgunned and outmanned. The outcome doesn't look to bright, but they still had to try.

Looking around the hangar, she say the expressions of the men of whom she would fight with, their faces resonated a similar outlook on the attack. In there still laid a shred of hope, something Allen was good at multiplying.

Upon his entrance, the men saluted with renewed hope. He was their hope and my love, an interesting mix to say the least. Allen opened the Communications system and took a breath. This was the beginning to an end.

Allen spoke into a microphone which relayed his voice to every unit in the base, "Today, men, is the day. It has finally come, but do not despair. We all have come here for a reason, to do what's right. We hold within our hands the lives of an entire world, yet we aren't encumbered by it. Instead, we have the lives of an entire world behind us, guiding our way. We will make history today by granting a world another chance, for the hope that one day they will rise up and unite the World of Old again. For that, we must do everything we can and be prepared to sacrifice all we have."

He paused and glanced at Alana for a moment, "It is this quality that sets us apart from the Federation. We are willing to fight for what we believe in, and this is why I'm honored to fight with you all. Our actions today will be recorded in stars as the day we saved a world. Hold that close to your hearts, and there's no way we can fail. This is Allen Winter, signing out. Good luck out there."

Upon completion, Allen backed away from the console. Our eyes met again, this time bringing a smile to my face and his.

"Well, let's do this." He said her.

//to be finished later//

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Post by Rocknbaseball on April 8th 2013, 17:32

Chapter 22: If only life were easy
Character: John Remedio
Date: October 28, 2181
Location: 2 miles from checkpoint alpha

Rodriguez put the last of the C12 charges on the road. John was in a building with Linda ready for the ambush. Johnson was down the road on the third floor of another building ready to provide sniper support. Rodriguez will set up on the other side of the street while Thomas was farther down the road to flank the convoy by the back.

Everybody was now ready. Now they just had to wait.

2 min later John heard his radio come alive.

"John, I don't like this" It was Johnson on the radio.

"It's only been 2 min, they'll be here."

"It's not that" responded Johnson. "I find it weird that they would tell a squad to protect a convoy over radio. Wouldn't something like that have been planned, meaning it would be unnecessary to contact the squad."

John thought about it for a moment. This was true. It seems like something that squad would just know, like a regular assignment.

"It's the Bloodhounds, I doubt they got that organized" John finally said.

The conversation dropped there, but not in John's mind. He was thinking of all possibilities. Now he was worried and he was getting very skeptical of the situation. As soon as this thought came too his head he heard the faint noise of vehicles. "Well, I'm hear already" he thought.

He got his radio. "Everybody get ready, on my mark you blow up the C12 Rodriguez"

"Yes sir"

The noise of the truck's engines became louder. Then John saw the convoy turn the corner. He griped his XM8 tighter as they got closer. He held the radio close to his mouth ready to give the order.

The front and back vehicles were M1117 Commando APCs, the standard armored car in the old Colombian military. Both APCs had gunners on the .50 cal. One truck was in the middle.

As the first APC neared the C12 charges John gave the order. The charges exploded with tremendous force, completely destroying the first APC. Johnson shot the driver of the truck with unparalleled accuracy, causing the truck to crash into a nearby building. The other APC came to a stop. John, Linda and Rodriguez came out of cover and fired unto the APC. The gunner returned fire but was immediately shot by Johnson. John threw a grenade and finished up the APC.

Everything suddenly fell quite. "Alright lets see whats in this truck" said John breaking the silence. Rodriguez unlocked the doors of the trailer. Then the doors flew open from the inside and John was looking at 10 soldiers aiming their guns at his team.

"Bajen sus armas!"

As the soldier said this they heard something in back of them. John didn't know that it was an unmanned chopper known as the Peacemaker, but even so he knew it couldn't be good so he ordered his team to lower their weapons like the soldier asked.

As he put the weapon down he felt a strong blow to the back of his head. Then everything went black.

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