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Mass Effect Roleplay Empty Mass Effect Roleplay

Post by Guest on February 11th 2013, 09:11


It is 50 years after the Citadel Event and a galaxy once united begins to fall upon itself. Shepard's efforts to destroy the Reapers was successful, but in the aftermath age old hostilities emerged.

The Quarians, now ridden of the Geth, have inhabited and repopulated their homeworld and set their eyes upon other worlds, worlds belonging to the Turians. War ensued and for a time peace seemed to be in sight, then the Turians bombarded the Quarian homeworld killing untold millions in the matter of days. With a new found vengeance, the survivors rallied to avenge their deaths and to bring all of Palaven to ground. Nothing would stand in their way of revenge.

After the curing of the Genophage, the Krogan flourished and rebuilt their wartorn homeworld to it's greatest potential. However, without Eve to keep Wrex in line, the krogan rapidly expanded to nearby worlds to better suit their growth. This was seen through the eyes of the Salarians as a inevitable conflict mirroring the great Krogan Rebellion and they acted quickly as they always had. It should've ended with slaying of Urdnot Wrex, but then something went terribly wrong. Even with Wrex dead, the Krogan remained a hole and then directed themselves at the Salarians. World after world, the Salarians lost ground. Soon the dark side of the Salarians came to light as they set forth the monstrosities that once were created by the reapers, the husks.

With the end of the Reaper war, the humans gained many things. Inevitably, they would rebuild their worlds and rise even higher than before in power and control. They now held control of the Citadel and the Council, bending it to human wants and needs under a guise of galactic peacekeeping. Soon anti-human sentiments grew as the humans soon controlled nearly all aspects of the galaxy. Soon, skirmishes would erupt from all corners of the galaxy then ruthlessly put down. This would begin a massive military build up from nearly all species as they would try to contend with this superpower.

The nearly ageless Asari would return to a Galaxy that no longer welcomed them for all that they hid and all they had done in the Reaper War. They would attempt to rebuild and regain power, but soon dreams of a time long gone would tear them apart. War would break out amongst the Asari over philosophies and directions for their race. This would turn a once peaceful race into a savage and ruthless shell of what they once were. Tyrants and dictators would rise to unite them against the very galaxy they once controlled.

Still, there would be those few who ignored the politics and doings around them. Aria T'Loak and her mercenary army would remain in control of most of the Terminus System, ruling as they always had. All criminals from all walks of life would end up here to escape all forms of Government over them. They would rally under Aria's flag, as she was their savior of sorts. But soon, the eyes of order feasted itself in the lawless wastelands of the Terminus. The Humans would declare a war on the single greatest criminal empire in the galaxy to restore order and to bring it's inhabitants to justice.

Even after uniting against the Reaper threat it soon falls upon itself as the greatest war the galaxy has ever seen envelops it. Civilizations will die, entire systems will be destroyed, and the whole galaxy hangs in the balance. In this, a few will decide it's ending and that is you.


1. No God-Modding - Even with a Universe filled with Biotic abilites and world ending devices, you will have to refrain from literally killing Main characters and whole worlds and civilizations. Basically, if it involves someone other than you, you're going to want to make sure it's ok with the people involved or with everyone if it's that story changing, etc.

2. Stick to the Story - While we certainly all have that interesting thing you've always wanted to do or have a damn good flashback of you killing some behemoth of doom and destruction, you're going to want to make sure you keep to the storyline as much as possible. This meaning is if you're going to go on some 2 page spree of doing everything that has nothing to do with everything, then I'm going to have to kick your ass.

Staying to story = Good

Going on a huge tangent = A foot in your junk (And I'll make statues of it, too!)

3. Keep Things Realistic – As much as you all want to on hit KO a thresher maw in the face, you are only one man bear fish thing and can die from one stray bullet. So keep things on a realistic side where you're not killing a whole army with your pinky toes, mkay?

5. Friendly Posting- Like I said before, if something involves someone or a race that doesn't belong to your character then you're going to have to make sure it's mkay with them, mkay? Also, don't be a dick or vagaa gaa about it either, each person is in control of their stroy so don't be a bitch about it if things don't go the way you want as far as your story goes. (Not applying to the overall story) But be adaptable, things will change and stuff will happen. That's what's fun about group RP

Note: Anyone who has broken a rule, or has done something without conversing with another player, that poster will be under review by the other posters and could be deemed to be temporarily suspended from that tread for their offense. In this case, all post they make will be deleted. Further affliction will result in total removal.

1) Poster will be asked to change post to more suitable post and given warning
2) Poster will be temp banned from thread for a day and shunned personally by me
3) Poster will be temp banned from thread 3 days and kicked in the junk really hard by me.

These rules are put here to protect other posters and to keep the story flowing and everyone happy, but if you want to break them then it's fine by me. I really like kicking people in the junk, just saying.

==Other Guidelines==

To say something other than a role-play post in this thread, go to the OOC Thread. All non-RP posts in this thread will be captured, tortured, and then sold to a krogan sex ring. You don't want that to happen.

Please date your posts with roughly the exact date on which most of your post will take place on. Hours and minutes aren't essential, but try to have the day, month and year.

And for the love of god, don't be afraid to move it to a new day. We don't need to stay on the same 24 hour period for three week in real time here. This isn't the TV show "24" and I'm not Jack Bauer... But if I was, that would be cool.

==Roleplay Guide==

This is of course taking place in the Mass Effect universe, if you haven't played any or all of the games then (1) Shame on you, (2) Shame on me, and (3) Here's the Mass Effect Wiki

You are going to take control of a single character of a race chosen by you (Be realistic, now) but eventually you will begin to indirectly influence your race as the story progresses.
The story plot will be loosely or moderately controlled by either me or freebird or anyone else with a good understanding of the ME Universe.

You can use elements from in-game such as combat drones, tech armour, shockwave, etc. As long as it's realistically balanced with everything else, to a point. Just think common sense most of the time, but biotics do get to have a more wider berth in this regard. Just don't kill everything.

You can side with your race or not, just be creative with it.

You can have your own ship or be with the rest of the MC's as long as it goes along with the story and stuff

You can also point and laugh at freebird for no reason at all

In the end of the day (Yes I did that, what of it?) just be smart and realistic and let yourself be creative. If you have any ideas then let it be heard, etc.

Let's all start in the relatively same area, the Human controlled Citadel above Earth is pretty much the best place for that. It is still a symbol of galactic unity, it's just now predominantly controlled and influenced by the Humans so you all should be good.

Now let's make this a damn god RP, hooah?


Name: (Try to stick with your race in terms of names and structure)

Age: (Same as above. Note: certain species have longer or shorter life spans)

Race/Species: (Human, Asari, Quarian, Turian, Krogan, etc. Basically the main races, but you can be whatever you want as long as it works with the story. Just don't go cray cray)

Skin Color:
Notable Traits: (Scars, Horn like thing, etc.)

Armour: (Full Armour and Helmet descriptions)
Notable Traits: (Colors, pieces, etc.

Build: (Height and "Beef" if you will)

Faction: (Species-centric, Mercenary, Peacekeeping, etc)

[Only be really good at one of the following three, and a limit to two with relatively split proficiency to keep it somewhat non-canon breaking]

Weaponry Specialty: (Assault Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Etc. Be realistic)

Tech Specialty: (General Technology Proficiency plus Offensive capabilities. Be realistic)

Biotic Specialty: (Offensive and Defensive Biotic Capabilities. Like shock wave or a shield, etc. Be realistic, seriously)

Backstory: (Everything up to this point that you want to get done with right away. You can further expand this in your latter posts as long as their a time and place for it)

Side Notes: (Basically anything else you want to put out right away)

[Please copy this template and put in all your info if you wish to participate]

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Mass Effect Roleplay Empty Re: Mass Effect Roleplay

Post by Guest on February 12th 2013, 18:26

Name: Lieutenent Isabell Isidora
Race/Species: Human Female
Class: Infiltrator

Skin Color: Lightly Brown Skin
Notable Traits: Long Black Hair, Light Blue eyes.

Armour: Standard Alliance Issue Light Armour
Notable Traits: Matte Black, Additional Pouches for Ammunition

Build: Moderately Tall and Skinny

Faction: Human Alliance, Peacekeeping Force, 351st Scout Battalion

Weaponry Specialty: Sniper Rifles, Handguns

Tech Specialty: Tactical Cloak, AI Hacking

Biotic Specialty: None

Combat Role: Recon, Infiltration

Backstory: Isabell was born in the Kithoi Ward in the Citadel Station over Earth. Both of her parents fought in the London campaign and had been disapproving of Isabell's intrests in the Military. Even from a young age, she had been interested in the Military and often tagged around with Alliance Soldiers on leave. With that came trouble, she had more than a few run in's with CSEC in her teenage years as a result. She only did turn around after her parents finally let her join the Alliance at the ripe age of 18. Isabell changed considerably because of the training, she now was more obedient and compliant and not so mischievous as before. She would evolve more emotionally and mentally as long as physically, as she fought in numerous skirmishes against rebels elements of ex-council races. She had seen more than her fair share of friends dying and has taken this to her heart and thus for has mediocre relations with most non-humans almost forming into a deep hatred. She is now on shore leave after a brutal campaign in the Terminus system as part of a Unification Initiative from Council High Command.

Side Notes: She leads a squad of four other Infiltrators named Valkyrie. She also has a mutual respect for Turians.

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Mass Effect Roleplay Empty Re: Mass Effect Roleplay

Post by Guest on April 1st 2013, 01:06

//if this is ready to go I'll go ahead and put mine//

Name: Urdnot Graal

Age: 350 years

Race/Species: Krogan

Skin Color: Redish plates

Notable Traits: 2 large Scars on his face

Armour: Heavy Battlemaster

Notable Traits: Red plates

Build: 7 feet, Large build

Faction: Krogan, Clan Urdnot

[Only be really good at one of the following three, and a limit to two with relatively split proficiency to keep it somewhat non-canon breaking]

Weapons: Krogan War Hammer (Massive damage, very close range, makes him slow.)

Tech: Tech Armor

Backstory: After Urdnot Wrex was killed the Salarian. Graal hate for the them grew ten fold. He fought in many battles during the war, but when he and his battalion was surrounded by Husks, by the time reinforcements came Graal was the only one left standing on the pile of Husks. He was very wounded with some organs not functioning and had to be treated. After his wounds and organs healed. He sooner learned that the clan leader for Urdnot was slain. The clan was in disarray, but Graal took up the mantle and the shaman approved. Graal still fights on the front line, but now he has a new in challenge of fighting the Salarians and how to deal with the overwhelming number of husks, and rivals within the clan.

//Let me know if its a bad idea to be the leader of Clan Urdnot//

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Mass Effect Roleplay Empty Re: Mass Effect Roleplay

Post by iFreebird on April 1st 2013, 22:26

Name: Rakhan Quoyle

Age: 36

Race/Species: Drell
Skin Color:Green and black
Notable Traits:none

Armour: Standard Drell overcoat with armor plating under coat
Notable Traits: black

Build: 6'2 thin

Faction: Mercenary,
[Only be really good at one of the following three, and a limit to two with relatively split proficiency to keep it somewhat non-canon breaking]

Weaponry Specialty: Sniper Rifles, Handguns

Tech Specialty:none
Biotic Specialty: biotic sheild

Backstory:Rakhan grew up on the Hanar home world Kahje there he was selected to fill the compact .The agreement between the hanar and the drell that the drell would serve the hanar for saving the race. He was trained as a assassin like many of the drell chosen he served the hanar until he felt it was time to leave. He found his way to Omega where he came undef the orders of Aria T'Loak. He is now on the Citidel hunting his next target a Human Peacekeeper

Side Notes: (Basically anything else you want to put out right away)

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Mass Effect Roleplay Empty Re: Mass Effect Roleplay

Post by Guest on April 4th 2013, 01:51

Ugh, lemme save this space.


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Mass Effect Roleplay Empty Re: Mass Effect Roleplay

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