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Post by PointBlank on March 23rd 2013, 16:41

This is my creative outlet at the moment, and I would very much appreciate it if no one posted on this.

I will be writing a story of my own here.

I will not be conforming to any sort of time frame for these posts.

Questions and comments on this may be left in the OOC or sent as a private message.

Comfort turned into fear as I sat in this room; its bleak, oppressive nature kept me silent until the interrogator entered. Neither of us said anything as he slid into his chair at the opposite end of the featureless table. The grizzled man retrieved an old tape recorder from his shirt pocket and pressed a red button.

"Hello Doug," he said blandly.

I remained silent.

"Come on now kid, there's more important things to worry about than hating me."

I looked down to my right to avoid looking at him.

He sighed, "Okay, if you're not interested in catching the attendants, that's fine, but I do know what you will be interested in."

I gradually focused my gaze upon his aged face.

"Do you know a girl named Dominique?"

Then I spurted, "What the hell do you want from me?"

He chuckled a little, as if amused by me.

"Well." I continued.

"I want to find her, as I'm sure you do."

"You want to execute her."

"Believe me, as much as I've been demonized, that can't be further from the truth."

"Just like in Fenton, right?"

His emotion left his face, "That was an accident, and you know-"

"I know you're a FUCKING LIAR!"

"Well that makes two of us doesn't it Doug."

I returned my gaze to the floor.

"You can help her if you cooperate."

"And what if I don't?" I struck back.

He stared intensely at me and somehow made me look at him again.

"If you don't, she probably will be executed when we catch her."

We both locked eyes for a moment.

"Fine, I'll play."

"Why isn't there a picture here yet?"

Because pig farts that's why!

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Flight Empty Re: Flight

Post by PointBlank on March 27th 2013, 23:46

It was the early morning at Pine Ridge trailer park; the sun hadn't poked its head up yet. A large house stood over a parking lot filled with running cars. Their headlights and a small floodlight were the only sources of illumination. The frigid air blew just hard enough to annoy the high-schoolers waiting for the bus.

Standing by herself was Dominique, listening to her I-pod like usual.

Many of the kids were grouped together, talking next to the door of the house; the one that didn't go to their school had a cigarette in his mouth. The kindergardeners were playing on the swing behind the house and the middle-schoolers had their own group close to the highschoolers. A boy named Tim stood at the end of the sidewalk lining the car lot.

When he began to walk towards the lot, the rest of the kids who went to Linden followed suit. The bus then drove past the bend and filed in between the cars occupying the lot.

A kid came running from inside the trailer park. As the bus was getting ready to leave, Doug slapped the side of the bus multiple times until he reached the door.

The door opened, "You scared me," Mrs. Tester said, "I thought I hit something."

"Sorry Mrs. Tester." Doug said as he went to find a seat.

Having been late, all of the seats in the front were taken, and he was forced to take a seat directly behind Dominique.

She had long, brown hair and a slightly Brazilian looking face. Her skin was fair and, she had the right amount of freckles for it to be cute. She was listening to her music so Doug decided not to bother her, especially since it was the morning, and he's not a morning person.

The bus arrived at the school and Dominique took her ear buds out.

They had arrived at Linden High School, Home of the Linden Eagles. You had to be specific about it being the Linden Eagles due to Byron High having the same mascot and sharing the same tri-city (along with Fenton). The building and the student population themselves were actually quite small, but Linden had a very large and very skilled athletic program. If you asked any student that attended Linden, they would say that at least eighty percent of the kids there were involved in sports programs, and most of the rest were in clubs at least.

After entering the building, Dominique had to cross through the much over crowded Freshman hallway to get to her locker in the Sophomore section. The locker that she had was barely large enough to hold her bag, but by now she was used to it.

A tall fellow named Alex walked up to her as she was putting away her backpack.

"Hey Dom, Ryan wanted me to tell everyone that the run isn't going to be at the park today."

"Why?" she replied.

"Because of the weather."

"Oh, ok. Where is it?"

"He said that we should just do something else today."

"Like what?"

"Oh I don't know," Alex shrugged "still figuring that out."

They talked a little bit before parting.

[will continue...]

"Why isn't there a picture here yet?"

Because pig farts that's why!

Posts : 210
Level : 3120
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2013-01-28
Age : 25
Location : Where I'm needed

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Name: Arson
Rank/Position: N/A
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