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The Story of Goldenbudda21

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Post by Goldenbudda21 on June 7th 2012, 18:52

Name: Cal Risontine
Origin: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Alliegence: Sith

I was there. I was there when they grew to power. I was there when they fell to the dust. I was there. I dont remember much of my childhood except bits and pieces of images clouded by water and air bubbles as they floated to the top of what seems to be a cylinder tank. Outside are many figures in black, some strong....some not so much. I dont know how I knew they were strong or weak, something inside me just knew. Those are the images that float in and out.

What I do remember very well was training as a boy with the great Kas'im. A strong and prude man. But he was a great man. A feared man. He taught me in secret. So much so even his pupil Bane knew nothing of me. He instilled in me the power of the Dark Side of the Force and how it was the only path to true victory. He taught me that i was to show no mercy to anyone...including Jedi scum. If i took nothing else from him, it was how to use my tool of saberstaff.

"In combat, your mind tries to keep track of each blade separately, effectively doubling the number of possibilities. But the two blades are connected: by knowing the location of one, you are automatically aware of the location of the other. In actual practice, the double-bladed lightsaber is more limited than the traditional lightsaber. It can do more damage, but it is less precise. It requires longer, sweeping movements that don't transition well into a quick stab or thrust. Because the weapon is difficult to master, however, few among the Jedi-or even the Sith-understand it. They don't know how to attack or defend effectively against it. That gives those of us who use it an advantage over most of our opponents."

I dont know how old I am. i dont know what I am. I have lived many years, I have seen Sith Lords come and go. I do know that i am Sith, and I serve the current Dark Lord. I will always be Sith, serving the current Dark Lord. I will kill Jedi; no matter how young or old. I will always kill Jedi no matter how young or old. This is what I know. This is what I do. I fear nothing...but you should fear me. I am a killer. Come at me!

Speak softly and carry a big stick...or light saber, whichever.

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