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Ram'Ser "Snowie" Jai

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Ram'Ser "Snowie" Jai Empty Ram'Ser "Snowie" Jai

Post by Guest on November 30th 2012, 23:53

Name: Ram'Ser "Snowie" Jai
Age: 30
Affiliation: Mando Cabure
Origin: Enceri, Mandalore
Species: Human
Preferred Weapons: Verpine Shatter rifle, bes'kad
Strengths: Agility, eyesight, marksmanship, leadership, intelligence
Faults : kakkurophobia (Fear of Failure)

Ram'Ser was born in the backwater town of Enceri on Mandalore. Early on he was trained in the art of war by his distant relative Goran Beviin. He was taught how to use the Bes'kad and the Res'sol Are (Mandalorian Code). When he was eleven he was given his first set of Beskar'gam the Mandalorian armour. He was fully inducted into the world of mercenaries by his capture of the man who slaughtered his parents. He was selected by the Empire to aid in the ongoing conflicts in the Outer Rim. During his escapades he developed a liking for Verpine tech. Specifically the famous shatter rifle. Because of his early training with Beviin, he has a tendency to carry a Mandalorian saber on his back and use it in times of need.

During his long service with the Empire he has only failed a mission once. That mission involved saving a squad of Stormtroopers on the planet of Ryloth. What he didn't know was that it was a trap and when he finally realized the troopers were body trapped, it was too late and the explosion made him blackout. When he came to, he saw that his entire squad had been killed by the explosion. The only reason why he survived was because of his beskar'gam. When he came back he sat in solitary for weeks huddled in a corner. He has always been scared of failing his mission and he believes that the explosion was his fault. Since then he formed the Sith squad the Mando Cabure using his fellow Mando'ade to make sure that they never fail a mission again. The nickname Snowie was given to him when he volunteered for guard duty on Ilum. It was very cold there but he jus gave his men a blank stare and said to them "I have always been at home in the cold". Because of this perserverance that got him promoted to Captain. He has never failed to apease his superiors since Ryoth.

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Post by Guest on January 25th 2013, 13:53

nice pic

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