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Lost With All Hope Empty Lost With All Hope

Post by Guest on January 4th 2012, 22:16

I slowly looked up. Nothing. Nothing was left. My family dead, my home destroyed, my world gone. Now only the sound of my weeping could be heard. The Covenant took away all I had. And I want it back. For my revenge hell will bend to my will. For my life means nothing now but revenge!

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Lost With All Hope Empty Re: Lost With All Hope

Post by Guest on July 3rd 2012, 05:13

From nothing I came, and from the darkness I rose up.

I remember the day my family died before my eyes, like it was only yesterday.

I awoke on a beautiful Sunday morning, the smell of flowers hanging in the air, and walked downstairs to see the sight of my family having a delicious breakfast. My mother greeted me with her soft and loving voice but was only met with teenage animosity. I never said a word, and merely took a plate of the succulent food and headed up to my room, slamming the door.

In my life of many regrets, this would be my biggest one.

Soon the sirens of war and death rang on the horizon, coming closer but not fast enough as the sun itself was blocked by the covenant armada as I looked outside.

A wall of plasma neared from the plasma falling from the sky and before I could do anything, the scream of my mother could be heard.

An explosion rocked my room, and suddenly my mother's scream was silenced forever. The smell of flower was replaced by the smell of burnt flesh and smoke. I don't know why I opened my door and went downstairs, I already knew what I was going to see. I guess it was all in the hope that I was wrong, which I wasn't. I saw the kitchen destroyed with no signs of my family. All there was was a round hole of scorched earth where they once sat.


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Lost With All Hope Empty Re: Lost With All Hope

Post by Guest on July 3rd 2012, 05:41

I fell down to my knees, and everything seemed to fade away.

The only thing I heard was my mother's voice, echoing in my mind. This was to be my last memory of them, and this was the last memory of me, too blind by teenage anger to realize what I had.

And now it's gone forever.

I slowly stood up and picked up a knife off of the ground and had the intention of ending it all.

To end my newly giving misery, but a squeal coming from the destroyed door to the house. There stood a small creature, with what looked like a breathing mask or something, but at that moment my rage overcame me and I ran towards the creature and stabbed it before it could shoot at me. It's warm blood sprayed over me and on to my face, but I didn't care because for awhile I was at peace.

I knew from that moment on, that killing these beasts would be my only way to find solace, to redeem myself.

For my family, and for me.

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Lost With All Hope Empty Re: Lost With All Hope

Post by Agent Shadow on July 3rd 2012, 14:28

Fire was everywhere, the whole village ablaze. The smell of burning flesh and brimstone filled the air. People ran from their houses screaming, holding personal belngings and young children, only to be murderd by the men of the invading army.

This was my fault.. and there wasn't a thing I could do...

Her once bright blonde hair was now charred and darkened from ash, as well as burnt. Her armor was only ceremonial: unfit for real combat. As such, it was heavily damaged, beyond the repair of any blacksmith. She stood broken, battered, and barely conscious, but her grip on her dagger never relaxed. Tears rolled down her charred cheeks as she dropped to her knees, crying and screaming.

Zamorak betrayed me... He knew this would happen...

Broken down, she felt helpless when she saw the silhouette of a man approach her.

"Please...just kill me now... "

she said, with no hint of sarcasm in her voice. This was it. Her years and success as Zamorak's general has rewarded her with this: her family massacred, her home destroyed, and her faith shaken and broken. The figure reached her.

"You brought this on yourself. Zamorak does not like this, but it is what must be done. "

The mans eyes suddenly went wide as a blade erupted from his chest, him breifly staggering then falling to the ground, her brother standing behind him, the fire of vengeance burning in his eyes.

"They will pay for this, sister. He will, the army will, they will all die."

He offered his hand to help her up, and she took it smiling.

"Thank you little brother, but two of us against the entire army of zamorak?"

"vengeance will not serve itself sister. They will attone for this. Look at our home. Where we spent our childhood. Burnt to the ground. Our parents slain, as well as our friends and everyone else. It has all been burned down. We... we have nothing now..."

His voice began to become a little shakey, as if he was trying to hold back tears but was not succeding. He turned away, so that she would not see. She put her hand on his shoulder to assure him.

"It is ok, little brother. We still have each other. But a head on assault is suicide, even for us. We must simply strike fear into their hearts. Something to remember us by."

He smiled at her, and the two hugged, the brother and sister duo betrayed but not killed by zamorak.

//When I was in highschool, I was big in drama and theater Razz I kinda wrote this because in one point in my life things were pretty bad, but alex (brother, not bob Razz) was there for me. Love you little brother//

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Lost With All Hope Empty Re: Lost With All Hope

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