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Imperial Clan History 6/1/14

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Imperial Clan History 6/1/14 Empty Imperial Clan History 6/1/14

Post by DaBigestBob on January 7th 2012, 01:37

July 2011- Bob decided to leave IRON for various reasons none of them petty none of out of anger

7/30/2011- IRON was leading down to a path of destruction with the new commanders essentially making bad decisions. So Bob makes the Sith for those unhappy in IRON.

8/2/2011- Someone in IRON begins to badmouth the Sith we put him up as KOS. Tensions rise

8/6/2011- Flame war sprouts on caused by IRON leader we attempt peace but rejected

8/6/2011- Bob joins a friends game and kills an IRON member in a custom game. IRON uses this to declare war. It was not a diplomatic discussion.

8/7/2011- Peace is once again offered and rejected.

8/11/2011- We clan battle against IRON and they kick us out declaring all of our members were mercs. Which loses their credibility with after they declare victory prematurely. They are seen by as immature. (The seed is planted). Technical victory for the Sith par MLG rules

8/12/2011- We move on from IRON and continue our endeavors.

September- October- Sith hit a period of inactivity and neglect IRON dies from various pressures of and interclan relations with various groups. They become one of the most hated clans and die off. Jrn makes amends and all is good with most people. Only a few still hold grudges which brings great sadness to Bob.

*Sith win first IRON vs Sith conflict

November- The Sith officially return stronger than ever. Mw2xWild is promoted to Shadow Hand of the Empire.

12/2/2011- The Sith website is formed and the main ideas for the military structure is formed. The Sith are now a military power once things get rolling.

1/2/2012- First clan meeting that the Sith have held in a long time. Went very smoothly. Shadow Corps of the Navy is formed.

1/6/2012- This post is written and may the history of the Sith continue to be written.

1/14/2012- We march victoriously from a clan battle against the United Union Federation.

1/15/2012- We all participate in an official Sith RP event. Results were pretty good and I hope to see some screenshots and filmclips pumping out of the event shortly.

1/20/2012- The reach a tally of 75 members!

1/25/2012- BlazingAngel succeeds as Sith Army CO.

2/8/2012- Sith Army ranks are changed and reduced down to 4 enlisted ranks

2/9/2012- IRON is set to hostile

2/10/2012- Peace discussions with IRON, they take it as a joke... and we set before our conditions.

2/12/2012- They find a reason to worm out of the conditions and we still faithfully await

2/13/2012- They decline and thus cold war begins anew.

Sith wins the second IRON/Sith War

2/17/2012- Recruitment is temporarely closed working on creating a new structure system.

2/19/2012- We are in the works of devising a new clan structure.

3/27/2012- Lokii left the Sith and says he spied on the Sith. Dishonorable discharge and war with Wolf pack

3/31/2012- Wolf Pack doesn't show up for war. The Sith win the war against the Wolf Pack

4/1/2012- April Fools day we change site banner for kicks and giggles.

4/5/2012- Blazing is removed from office of High Lord of the Army due to numerous pressures and threat against an allied clan leader.

4/10/2012-Today we officially recognize the accension of Hurtmaster to the office of the High Lord of the Academy. We also recognize that Freebird is taking the mantle of High Lord of the Army. They are very suitable canidates and congratulations is in order.

5/3/2012- King3495 takes over as the High Lord of the Navy

6/15/2012- We hold our very first Army vs Navy battle who will win?
-Imperial Navy wins the battle after a very tipping battle.
-Updated some features on the site.

6/29/2012- Bob goes on a weekend retreat and Earthdragon mobiliizes

7/2/2012- War is declared by Earthdragon and Hurtmaster is demoted because he is lazy and rude toward his only high ranking members.

7/3/2012- Warren betrayed us.

7/12/2012- We become allies with TFL

7/25/2012- We reach a over a hundred members strong! Celebrate!

7/28/2012- We beat MyNaoXbox in a stunning victory with a margin of over 40 kills in both games.
-Goldenbudda takes control of the Imperial Navy
-BlackHalos99 takes control of the Stormtrooper Corps

7/30/2012- We celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Grand Sith Empire.

10/18/2012- Assasinated WarrenPeace

10/29/2012- TrueKingRyan was defeated

11/2/2012- Halo 4 is released

11/6/2012- TrueKingRyan forfeits first clan victory

11/15/2012- Constuction on Imperial Sector Command and Imperial City begin

11/26/2012- War begins with the Imperium Coalition.
Ryan joined the Sith Empire, then he got on the bad side of people and tried to create his very own division. I told him no and he went ahead and sent a message proclaiming that he made a division. I joined back and was like what the heck. We kicked him out of the Sith while I was in South Dakota I recall.

Near the beginning of November we bested Ryan in a resounding victory of a margin of over 70 kills in both matches.
- We believe we have put aside our differences
--We were wrong and he harbored resentment that apparently we cheated our ticket to victory.

Later in November he contacts Venom Kyro and Expertlone Wolf with the intention of forming an alliance to destroy the Sith.

I ask each of them for a legitimate reason to go to war with Empire. I got no legitimate replies so I declared that for no leigitimate reason our defense was just and their opposition to the Sith was unfounded and unmoral.


12/2/2012 First battle against Imperium, Sith Alliance stands victorius

12/20/2012 - 1/1/2013 Holiday season, no hostilities commence

1/3/2013 We win a raid against the Imperium

1/30/2013 Victory against the Imperium is official at a margin of 7 victories and only 2 losses

2/7/2013 Freebird becomes the Shadow Hand of the Empire and Ethan becomes the Grand Vizier.

2/15/2013 First internal raid exercise commences

5/26/2013 Dark Council is disbanded temporarily

6/15/2013 Officer Training School founded

7/10/2013 First Sith Battle on Battlefield 3

8/20/2013 Logistics Positions created

8/26/2013 The Sith are officially moved to Battlefield from Halo

9/3/2013 Position of Lord Protector is created

9/4/2013 Special Tactics Command is Created

9/9/2013 The Sith Empire is renamed to The Empire

9/14/2013 History is updated along with several threads and portions of the site

9/27/2013 Empire is now known as the Dominion of the Empire

10/1/2013 Promotion board system in place

10/7/2013 Rank revision and rank setback. Requirements for each rank

10/8/2013-11/17/2013 The Great Schism transpires

11/17/2013 Senior Staff created

11/25/2013 The Sith Order is dissolved

12/4/2013 The Imperial Senate begins

1/1/2014 The Imperial Senate Era Ends

6/1/2014 The Emperor's sister is given the title Sith Lady of the Empire and the rank of Lord General of the Empire. She is learning to lead for the upcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront by Dice.
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