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Mecha Role-Play

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Mecha Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Mecha Role-Play

Post by Guest on January 5th 2013, 05:52

// If I do join, I'd have to get this approved first. The whole mech thing is suspiciously like the MechAssault series on the old Xbox. So, this would be my mech, should it be ok. Say hello to Atlas.
Mecha Role-Play - Page 2 Mwo-atlas-540x284
A little information, courtesy of a wiki site.

Basic info:

It's said that the sight of an Atlas can make the most expirenced Mechwarriors break out in hives. And with good reason, the Atlas is one of the most terrifying sights in the entire game. Weighing in at 100 tons, this powerful assault class mech is considered by many to be the best armor in the game. The Atlas can stand toe-to-toe with Mechs of any class. In order to take out the Atlas, it will need to be ganged up on by several Mechs. Which is a testiment to how tough the Mech really is.


The Atlas is one of the most well armed Mechs in the game. Carrying four non-alternating Pulse Lasers, and quadruple Auto-Cannons, at close to medium ranges the Atlas is nearly unstoppable. It however lacks at the long range, only bearing dual Javelin missile launchers. The Atlas is built to inflict massive damage at closer ranges and must be that close in order to take down other Mechs. Atlas carries the Alpha Strike super-weapon, a secret prototype weapon that packs enough firepower to instantly destroy a recon-medium size mech.

Tell me what you think!//

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Mecha Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Mecha Role-Play

Post by Guest on January 5th 2013, 12:22

//Ah a fellow Mechwarrior. I based my Mech off of the Atlas. Good Star League ingenuity in this mech! Leo approves.

But remember to store your 20/Autocannon ammo in the thighs, not in the chasis. Reactors and explosions don't mix. If you catch my drift.//

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Mecha Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Mecha Role-Play

Post by Guest on January 5th 2013, 12:51

//I definitely approve it.//

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Mecha Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Mecha Role-Play

Post by Guest on January 5th 2013, 13:21


Relaxing himself, Enos reclined in the lush chair that occupied a corner of his quarters in his private Avistron. He closed his eyes and listened to the hum of the Avistron's complex engine. The Avistrons were military transport jets that were shaped almost like a 45 degree angle. Enos felt the Avistron bank to the left to begin its descent towards the Tower VII's landing pad. The Avistron began to decline slowly and Enos got up from his chair and left his quarters.

Here we go...

The Avistron landed on the shining landing pad. Immediately, soldiers began to flank the craft. Enos heard the release of the side door, and it began to slowly slide into a slit in the floor. He walked out, and the soldiers that were in position saluted and clicked their feet together. Instead of dismissing them, Enos merely nodded and stepped out of the Avistron. The glaring light singed his eyes, as his Avistron had tinted windows and was usually dark. Enos walked forward slowly with his hands behind his back towards the large elegant opening in the Tower.

Enos noticed that a fireteam of Enforcers formed up behind him. Whether they were serving as guards or monitors was unknown to Enos. As he entered under the massive hole that served as an entrance he observed Tower VII's interior. The walls were pristine white and the ceiling was not visible, as it went all the way up to the top of the tower. A crystal elevator was positioned on the wall in front of him. It was guarded by Enforcers, and Enos guessed this elevator only went down.

Suddenly, Enos heard his voice being called. Confused, he looked around and spotted a familiar face: Dr. Ramoke. "Warmaster Enos," huffed Dr. Ramoke. Enos tapped his foot as he waited for Dr. Ramoke to catch his breath. Ramoke wasn't out of shape, but he lost his breath easily. He was a short young man, roughly 5'8". Ramoke's mangy hair was brown streaked with white blonde strands. His eyes were piercing green, but his face was gentle. "Sir, Curatrix is nearly completed..." he puffed. Enos frowned and said, "I thought you said you could finish his upgrades today." Ramoke looked up and smiled.

Then he said, "We've added a few more things. For one, now Curatrix's auto-repair system is strong enough to repair small rends in have the time. Also, his electroconduction system is very productive. Curatrix can now literally summon a lightning bolt!" When he finished, Ramoke went back to panting. One of the Enforcers grabbed him and pushed him towards the crystal elevator across the room. "Warmaster Vraun wants him today," he said bluntly. Ramoke nodded and starting limping towards it. Enos followed, and the Enforcers trailed behind.

So Vraun sent the Enforcers, eh? Interesting...

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Mecha Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Mecha Role-Play

Post by Guest on January 5th 2013, 14:27

Name: Sulla Dempsey

Age: 22

Faction: Military

Rank: Major

Race: Caucasian, German.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: No one knows, since he always wears red eye contacts for intimidation, though people assume that's his true eye color

Build: Slim, though not muscular. He has a scar across his cheek after a narrow escape from an exploding mech.

Intelligence: Tactically superior than most of his comrades in the military. He can see things sometimes others don't. (not schizophrenia either!)

Trivia: Born and raised in a wealthy family in New Aera, Sulla enjoyed a full life with everything perfect, as was every spoiled child's life in New Aera. As did his father and grandfather, he joined the military when he was age, and even Typhon was impressed with the child's gifted tactical abilities. He knew his place was on the front lines.

Mech Name: the Atlas.

Mech Type: Close-medium range, though it also bears Javelin missiles should a long range fire fight be imminent.

Mech Features: 4 non-alternating Plasma Turrets across the torso region, Dual .50 caliber turrets on the arms, dual Javelin rocket attachments on the back. Also boast a shattering 100 ton frame, making him possibly one of the strongest-armored mech's to date. Also has an Trophy System that can destroy incoming missiles. This, however, can only be active for so long before cool down. These features counter the fact that the Atlas is extremely slow, with a max speed of just over 10/mph.

//I will begin my post after my WRITERS BLOCK is cured.//

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Post by Sponsored content

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