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Post by Guest on January 17th 2013, 17:35

Chapter 11: Gates of Hell
Character: Leon Zhirov
Setting: Time Square, New York
October 23, 2181

The base was starting to be overwhelmed. There were just to many germans. They had all ready lost Thompson and his entire squad, they were trying to delay the incoming force as long as they could. Leon had all drones still active on defense while the Kodiak was almost ready to go. It didn't help when that large fleet of weird ships came overhead.

Leon was running to help on the wall when suddenly a bullet that came so close it would have taken his foot off. Leon looked to see a sniper when he Alex slumped on up on the wall his arm barely attached to his body.

Leon had to go help but he saw that two germans running straight for the Kodiak, and they had a bomb. Leon rushed them shooting one with his M-16 before drawing his blade and stabbing the one with a bomb. As Leon got up he looked back at Alex hopping he had time to get him to the Panzer. Leon looked on in horror as Alex hold up a bag and then in a instant, he exploded.

Leon stood there stunned. He had lost way to many people trying to defend this base. Leon soon went into a rage, he saw a few germans narrowly crawled over the wall. Leon moved toward them, a revolver in one hand and his knife, he wanted this to be personal.

Leon was like a demon he went through the german like with stunning efficiently. Shooting them in the head and stabbing them in the throat. Leon kept it up for 5 minutes. When the last german fell, Leon finally regain control of himself. Then all the sudden everything was silence.

"Whats, going on?" asked Leon
"The Germans, they all just died...." said a man that was on the wall

He was right, all the germans just fell over and died. Leon wasn't sorry, they caused so much suffering so much death. They needed to get out of here.

"Everyone to the Panzer, we are leaving in 30 mins" Leon looked around and notice that the girl "Alan" was no where to be seen, Leon was not about to lose another person.

"I need a team to look for the Alan the girl that came with Alex!"
"Leon, a Panzer just crashed outside the perimeter."

Leon was now worried, was that Tom or Daniel?

"I need two men to come with me we going to check for survivors."

Leon needed to extract anyone at the crash then leave with everybody that was left.

He had was going to fly out of New York with everybody, if it was the last thing was going to do.

//sorry rock and shift we need to get out of new york soon... and will change if a agreement it met between budda and zam but for now it this//

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