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Post by Guest on January 16th 2012, 16:19

UNSC Service Record: Chief Petty Officer Raptor.
Service Tag: SP 88
Spartan II Super Soldier

Active: 2535 - Present
Status: Green

Spartan SP88 was apart of the second class of Spartan II super soldiers. He adopted the nick name "Raptor" after he was described by his instructors as being a "Bird of prey" during training.

Raptor's early career is mostly classified due to a high number of Black operations and Covert ops he did behind enemy lines. He operates well under extreme amounts of pressure. He has fought numerous campaigns against the Covenant, as well as a number of operations against the insurrectionist rebels.

Raptor was originally tasked with "Lone Wolf" missions due to his ability to operate effectively as a one man team. (Although, some times Raptor would be paired with a fellow spartan during these missions, especially with the replacement in Noble team, Noble 6)

He first operated with a full size team during the battle of Psi Serpentis in 2543 where he and a small group of other spartans boarded a Covenant CCS class Battle Cruiser. After horrific fighting on board the ship, the team secured the Command and Control center. They were forced to jump into slipstream space and flee the battle after Admiral Cole ordered the fleet to retreat. Raptor was horrified at the possible death of Cole.

Continuing to fight against the Covenant, Raptor was truly battle tested. He wasn't a part of the spartan force assigned to capturing a Covenant Prophet, and was instead sent on a different campaign.

The final year of the war was the most dangerous for Raptor. He fought at the Battle of Reach from start to finish (He is the only known witness of Noble 6's death). Raptor was forced to dig in deep under the surface of Reach after all UNSC ships evacuated. He and several civilians had to live there for several days before Raptor managed to capture a Covenant drop ship. From there, he rounded up more survivors, including a squad of ODST's. He, along with 6 ODST's, managed to secure the control center and bridge of a Covenant Frigate, emptying out all air in every room except for the bridge. Raptor, the 6 ODST's, and the civilians made their return to Earth.

Raptor and the ODST's were awarded several medals. Their victorious escape from Reach was short lived, however.
15 Covenant ships attacked Earth.

Raptor fought along side MCPO John 117 in the city of New Mombasa. Effectively forcing the Covenant to retreat, Raptor and John returned to the ship In Amber Clad, where they were immediately put into a chase with the fleeing covenant ship.

Battling on Delta Halo, Raptor fought the vicious Covenant ground forces, including the elite Honor Guard troops. Raptor, and John barely escaped the glassing of the Temple, allowing them both to be captured by the Gravemind.

This is an unfortunate blind spot in Raptor's history. It is believed that this was when he first encountered the savage Flood. His armor was heavily damaged on his return to Earth, so it is believed by most that Raptor had some type of "Close Call" when dealing with the Flood.
Raptor and John returned on the Forerunner Dreadnought.

After receiving a fresh set of Mark VI armor, Rapor continued where he left off, where he returned to fighting the Covenant on the grounds of Earth, particularly New Mombasa. This was where he first fought along side the Covenant Seperatist forces, including Thel Vadamee

"They underestimated us when they came to Earth" Raptor said, after the human forces forced Truth to fall back through the teleporter.

Raptor battled on The Ark, along side a familiar squad of 6 ODST's and another Spartan II named Naomi. Once again fighting the Flood, Raptor was put through some serious battle. Raptor would have stayed to fight with his close friend John 117, but he was ordered to help the UNSC forces wipe out the remaining Covenant Loyalists.

As of 3 March, 2553, Raptor is currently active duty. The rise of insurrectionist groups forced Raptor to continue battling as a soldier in the ranks of the UNSC.

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