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Fall of New Alexandria

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Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 12th 2012, 13:11

Role Playing group set in the final days of New Alexandria. (During the Covenant Attack)

Characters:There can be 3 spartans ,ODST ,marines civilians,ONI, or the NAPD]

You can make more than one character.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 12th 2012, 13:12

Name:Benjamin(Ben for short)
Service tag:B227
Branch Of Service:Spartan III
Rank:Petty Officer I
Specialty: Close Combat
Facts:Knowledge of weaponry
Weaponry:MA37 Assault Rifle, M45 Tactical Shotgun,Combat Knife,SMG's
Armor Ability:Armor Lock(Not from halo reach multilayer the armor lock from campaign
Hair: slight dirty blond and short cut
Eye color: Hazel/Blue(Post Augmentation)

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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 13th 2012, 02:29

Name: Lincoln Sandburg
Service Tag: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Faction: UNSC
Branch of Service: NAPD
Rank: PFC (E-3)
Specialty: Communication
Facts: Has direct contact with Admiral Sandburg (Fictional Character)
Weaponry: M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, M6A Handgun, Combat Knife
Armor Ability: Sprint (No Access to Spartan specific Armor Abilities)
Hair: Deep Brown Crew Cut
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Race: Caucasian (More Specifically: English)
Height: 6'1
Build: Somewhat built, but not for running.
Psychology: Became an officer for the pay, but may be persuaded with a high enough cost, despite his protective brother.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 21st 2012, 01:57

Name: Anya Rose
Service Tag: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthplanet: Reach
Faction: UNSC Marine Corps
Branch Of Service: UNSC
Rank: Petty Officer II
Specialty: Intelligence
Facts: Knowledge of intelligence equipment and is trained in vehicular operation.
Weaponry:Combat Knife, M7S (Silenced) SMG [Requisitioned], M6C Pistol.
Equipment: Radio Backpack, along with standard Military equipment.
Armor Ability: N/A
Hair: Short red hair
Eye color: Green
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'4


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 21st 2012, 02:07

Name: Aaron Matthews
Service Tag: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Faction: UNSC Branch of Service: ODST
Rank: CPL
Specialty: Marksmanship
Facts: Has diverse language vocabulary
Weaponry: SRS99C-S2AM Sniper Rifle, BR55 Battle Rifle, MA2B Adapted with Silencer, Combat Knife
Equipment: Standard ODST equipment with a few minor tweaks in communications and visuals.
Armor Ability: Sprint (No Access to Spartan specific Armor Abilities)
Hair: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'10 Build: Average but with great upper body strength.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 21st 2012, 02:34


Spartan B227 was on a pelican flying down New Alexandria to assist in civilian evacuation. The other two Spartans were on another pelican while B227 was with marines when all of a sudden the pelican was being shot at by a nearby phantom next thing he knew the pelican was crashing to the ground. "Marines hang on."


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 21st 2012, 02:44


Lincoln Sandburg looked up at the hazy skyline. In the distance he could hear firefights breaking out within the city. He turned to look at his squad. His 3 remaining comrades were nothing special, and he was almost certain they would all die. One of his squad-mates was impatiently tapping his foot, waiting for their Commander.

"Get up everyone." The Commander's voice rang out loud and clear.

"So how screwed are we?" one Officer asked as he got to his feet.

"Well," he replied, "we can't get reinforcements and the next Spirit drop should happen in roughly 15 minutes."

A groan escaped the mouths of 2 of the Officers.

Lincoln quickly ducked behind a small supply crate and activated his COM.

"Chris?" he said quietly.

The reply was fuzzy and distant: "Yes?"

"I need some support... Something... Powerful."

The silence lasted 15 seconds before the Admiral responded: "Alright. But this is the last time, little brother. I am tracking your location. Anything that gets close, will be torn apart by Anti-Air Turrets."

Lincoln grinned as he ended the call, but then realized something.

There were no active Anti-Air Turrets in this sector.

Was his brother sentencing him to death?

"Incoming Spirit! I thought you said 15 minu-," the Officer started, but was cut off by a loud explosion.

The Spirit had been destroyed by long-range missiles.

Lincoln smiled.

Peace of cake.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 21st 2012, 03:11

The Darkness...

The choking darkness, it grasped my throat with a fierce intensity. The strong stench hung in the air, almost choking her.

"Oh god.... I.... I.. got to get out of here!!" she screamed into the dark abyss.

The ground was soaked and a dripping sound was echoing through the darkness.

*tink... tink.... tink...*

Where was her gun?

She fumbled around on the ground with her hands, finding nothing by hard pavement until brushing onto someone's leg.

"He... Hello?" She asked with now response.

She followed the body up to what she thought was the wall, her hands touching the lightpad.

The darkness dissolved from the gentle light, but in it's arrival came the truth...

The room was filled with dead bodies...

Blood was sitting on the ground as if in one giant pool. The sight mortified her, but then came the realization...

She was covered in the blood of the fallen, from soldiers and civilians alike. This was their tomb, this was their hell.

The hell that she now lives in.

She looked around the room to see all of the innocents who died before their time. she couldn't hold it, the tears were two strong and with that she stooped down onto the ground and cried.

She cried for herself, and she cried for the lost souls.

In opening her tear soaked eyes, she saw the blood, the dreadful blood. It was not her own but the others.

The rampage of emotions overtook her, she screamed in disgust and in sorrow.

She had to get out of here, she Had to get out of here.

Fumbling over the numerous bodies, she reached the door. Her hands were shaking so violently that she couldn't open the door. She tried and she tried, being more violent. The fearful grasp was getting control of her, it was grabbing at her heart and lungs, beginning to squeeze and crush them.

She pounded on the door, and she screamed for help with tears running down here face. Nobody came and the door stayed closed. The feeling of hopelessness overcame her and eventually she gave up, slumping to the blood soaked floor. She curled up as if someone or something would save her.

The sound of explosions rocked the very room, the lights flickering from the shaking. As the lights flickered she looked at the bodies and in a split moment they looked back. All of them stared at her in between the light flickering and the next moment they were gone. They disappeared from sight, and n the next moment they were standing over her, taunting her existence.

Then... as the light flickered back to life, they resumed their macabre positions.

Was it all in her head? She shook violently and closed her eyes shut, hoping for the torture to end.

She remained there for countless hours in that room, an eternity more or less. She threw up multiple times, with it's contents mixing into the already standing pool of blood.

*tink.. tink... tink...*

The sound of dripping blood hitting the ground permeated through the room, becoming almost rhythmic with the explosions outside which seemed to grow closer.

It seemed...

Voices could be heard tunneling through the door, "Go Go Go! McKenzie, watch your 6!"
The sounds of rifles ensued, but to her it was hope. With renewed vigor she stood up and pounded on the door.

"Help.. I'm in here!" She yelled.

She pounded and pounded until she heard a response, "Hey sarge, you here that?"

"Yeah, it's coming from that door"

Mckenzie, open the door! We'll cover you."

She could her tapping on a console, she was going to be free. The door opened and the light radiated in, the warm warm light. She walked two steps outside and collapsed into the arms of the stranger.

She was safe now.

She fell unconscious soon after.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by iFreebird on August 21st 2012, 07:01

Service tag S-088
Branch Of Service:Spartan II
Rank:Chief Warrant Officer
Specialty: Heavy Weapons
Facts:Knowledge of weaponry ,vehicles.
Weaponry:MA37 M247H Heavy Machine Gun,M319 Individual Grenade Launcher, M6C/SOCOM,Combat Knife
Armor Ability:Armor Lock
Hair: buzzed brown hair
Eye color: Hazel/Greeb(Post Augmentation)

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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 21st 2012, 11:34


Lincoln spotted them a moment before they fired.


Three of them were hiding behind their defense gauntlets, slowly creeping along the edge of the balcony across from the building Lincoln and his comrades were hiding in. Another two were on a higher ledge wielding Needle Rifles. And then they fired.

Lincoln quickly rolled away from the window as the glass shattered and razor-like crystals came pouring in at a high rate.

He heard moans of agony.

Lincoln told himself not to look over, but when he did, the sight was appalling.

His Commander had needles in his forehead and chest.

Two of his squad-mates were also dead. One had blood pouring out of his mouth, due to several shots in the stomach and lungs. The other had taken needles mostly in the face, giving him a gruesome appearance.

The last member of his squad was behind a small table yelling for Lincoln to take out the snipers.

Lincoln grinned.

"Nah, I think you got this one."

He reached into his pack and produced a Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, or a Needler. His sabotage weapon.

His grin turned into a snarl as he loosed a few rounds into the body of his comrade.

A sound of intense pain came from his comrades mouth as he died quickly and painfully.

Lincoln laughed.

He turned on his COM.

A reply came abruptly: "What do you want?"

The Admiral sounded angry.

"Hello brother. It appears my squad has been killed. I am going to need a new one."

Static filled a gap in the conversation, yet again.

Then the Admiral responded: "OK, I have a few in mind. Oh, and Lincoln, I'm watching you."

Lincoln knew this would happen eventually. The day his brother stopped protecting Lincoln and let ONI do whatever they wanted to him.

This, however, was not a problem. Lincoln always had a plan.

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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 21st 2012, 18:21

B227 woke in ruble from when the pelican went down, looking around seeing nothing but dead marines rand two dead pilots. Then heard a grown from a marine who had somehow survived the crash. The spartan walked over and checked to see if he was alright, a few scratches and bruisers but hell live.
"Whats your name marine."
"Edward Anderson"

"Everyones dead here grab your gun and ammo and lets move."
"Yes sir"

B227 decided to try his luck and contact the other spartans.

He activated his com.

"Jason did you guys make it through to the city.Jason?"


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 00:08

The darkness again, clouding her vision and filling her lungs.

The faces of the dead appeared in her sight. The men, women, and children... all dead, adding to pool of red blood. As if she's not been tortured enough, the bodies stood up.\\

Pieces of flesh fell off their faces and bodies as they limped to her. She couldn't move, her mouth opened but sound could not escape.

The grew closer.. closer...

Their arms grabbed her, pulling her into the darkness.

A child's laugh pierced through the eternal blackness, it sounded like... her brother...

Suddenly a beam of pure energy sliced through her chest, the pain shot through her body as her lungs collapsed on themselves. The sound of an all familiar growl flew through the air, and then all feeling left her and then she died.


She jumped up in the cot, a voice welcomed her, "Whoa, whoa. Calm down, you're okay now."

She was confused, she looked at her chest. There was no wounds nor blood, even on her hands. "You were pretty bloodied up when we found you, though none of it was yours thankfully."

"Where am I?" She asked

"The New Alexandria Hospital Complex. We've been using this site for the wounded and as a evacuation center after the main attack from the Covies." The doctor replied.

She laid down back onto the cot, thanking that what she just went through was just a dream.

"You mind telling me your name a post?" The doctor asked, "You are in the UNSC, correct?"

"Yes, my name is Anya Rose, SN Number: 01932-07981-RE, but... that's all I remember."

Anya turned to see the doctor leave the room, it wasn't for a couple hours until a marine strolled in with his full gear on and something in his hand, "Alright Private, up to it!"

The marine tossed Anya a standard issue helmet to which she put on, it even fit her this time. "After you, sir."

Anya and the marine made it passed room after room and hallways after hallway that was filled with the wounded, ranging from plasma burns to full arms or legs disintegrated. The screams of pain and crying where only overshadowed by the bustling and yelling from the medical teams.

It was mass chaos.

After walking down numerous floors, they reached what looked like a make shift operating base complete with an armory. "Alright private, get your gear and let's move out. Admiral Standburg is forming a team with you of all people in it, so make sure you bring ample ammunition and bring your radio backpack. Copy that?"

"Yes,sir." Anya picked up an M7S Submachine gun and a MC6 pistol along with armour, ammunition, grenades, and her radio backpack. She didn't know much about the Admiral, but in her case it didn't matter. She would do what she's told, it's what a good soldier does anyways.

"Alright, follow me." the Marine said, he stopped at a room, "In here." Anya walked in the room, there was only one person in there who could be summed up in one word

The man had short brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was Caucasian and carried around this aura that Anya couldn't describe. It felt like he was looking for a chance to stab you in the back, it creeped her out.

"Hello, sir. I'm Private First Class II Anya Rose, at your service."

[This is at you Epsilon, btw]


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 00:35


Walking past the rows of the dying gave Lincoln a sense of pride.

Proud to be living and proud that he didn't recognize anyone as a "former" squad member.

His brother had contacted him again in the middle of a pleasant stroll within the ruined city.

"Lincoln," the Admiral had said sternly.

"What do you want?" Lincoln had replied, "You're interrupting my stroll..."

The Admiral had replied back almost instantly and and spoken very quickly, "It is very imperative that you protect this new squad you will be joining... You see, we're losing men more quickly than we could have imagined."

Lincoln had give no reply, which had caused the Admiral to speak again.

"I can't help you anymore. The Spartans are dying, Lincoln. Even though you like to believe so, you are not as skilled as a Spartan."

An explosion had rumbled in the background.

"Dammit! They've located our HQ!" the Admiral had yelled, "Remember: No killing!"

Lincoln had frowned.

First he ruins my quiet time, then he tells me we're losing!

Lincoln's frown had turned into a look of pure hatred. The Covenant were no longer supporting his plan: they were tearing it to pieces.

A woman's voice startled him back to the present.

"Hello, sir. I'm Private First Class II Anya Rose, at your service."

Lincoln flashed her a seemingly warm smile.

She was quite small, even for a woman marine, roughly 5'4", but experience taught Lincoln that size wasn't everything.

Lincoln stood up and walked over to get a better look at her.

He realized that her hair wasn't some odd combination of brown and blonde, but was actually red.

"Who's ass do you think you're kissing?" Lincoln said.

Before Anya could object, Lincoln nodded to her backpack and said, "You won't be needing that Radio Pack anymore..."

She raised her eyebrows in the form of a silent question.

"Yeah," Lincoln started, "I just spoke to Admiral Sandburg and he basically said that no one is getting any more favors."

A blur of movement caught his eye and looked to the doorway and saw the figure.

[At this point, it could anybody. Haha!]

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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 00:53


Corporal Matthews knew that this mission was instantly botched. He knew that every since the ship carrying his ODST division, took a hit and was forced to fire the "Drop Pods" as fast as it could. This action saved their lives for the time being but it also split up the corporal's squad.

Now as he trudged along he wondered what had happened to his squad. He was so into his thoughts he almost gave away his position to a jackal sniper squad.

"This should be fun." Aaron said as he unlimbered his S2AM sniper rifle and sighted on the nearest Jackal.

The jackal was contemplating what the shiny object was in the distance and still was wondering when the top of his head blew off.

The other jackal was wondering the same thing when a second retort reached it's ears along with a 14.5mm round taking the top of his skull and his brain with it.

Matthews grinned at his work and proceeded to head inward into the more heavily occupied areas of the city in hopes of finding his squad or at the very least some Leatherneck backup.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 01:13

The spartan and the marine were running down the streets when a group of grunts and jackels appeared around the corner and began firing.

"Son of a bitch. Marine take these bastards down." They both began fireing but a grunt had thrown a grenade that had gone over the spartans head and blew behind him which knocked the marine unconscious.

The spartan threw a grenade towards the group of covenant and kept fireing. As the last jackel fell the spartan ran over to the down marine.

"Come on damn it stay with me. Fuck of all the times."

The spartan grabs the marine and throws him over his holders and pulls out his magnum.

"Dont you die on me now."

As he was running down the street he saw a group of marines finishing off some grunts.

"Marines I need to get this man to your camp now."

"A spartan geeze well follow me this way we will escort you."

Once they arrived the spartan handed the down marine to a group of other marines.

"Get him medical help if hes fine when he wakes up send him back my way."

Hearing a rumble.

"Hey you mind taking me to the officer in charge" *asking a marine*

[And now i think i cought up with u guys at the same base]


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 01:29

[In head] The nerve of this guy, I would just love to shove is ego where the sun don't shine. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Anya was about to speak, when she noticed that his face had gone completely still, fixated on something behind her. She turned around to see a fully suited Spartan standing in the doorway. The giant stood there without anything but his body language to tell his story.

It was an actual Spartan standing in front of her, they were the stuff of legend. Never before has she seen one first hand, the expression of shock and disbelief clearly showed on her face.

[Now you speak murph]


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 01:54

Seeing the marines starring at him something he was used to.

"Who is in charge here right now. I am spartan B227. I've been sent here to help in anyway I can."


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 02:39

[The Plan]

Lincoln took one look at the Spartan and knew his plan was falling apart. Fortunately for him, he always had a back-up.

Lincoln stuck out his hand at the newcomer. The Spartan took his hand and shook it with a firm grip.

Lincoln found himself grinning at the thought of having to potentially killing a Spartan.

Now that would be interesting!

"Pleasure to meet you," Lincoln stated kindly, "I am Lincoln Sandburg of the NAPD and this Anya Rose. She's a marine."

The Spartan nodded.

Lincoln found that Anya was still a bit awestruck at the sight of the huge Spartan.

"Alright you two. Here's the plan: I've heard from some friends of mine that the active ONI HQ within the city is under attack," Lincoln said.

Anya thought he put a special emphasis on the word friends. She shook her head at the thought that this tool had ONI contacts.

"We need to help them out," Lincoln continued.

The Spartan loaded his shells into his Shotgun. "Let's move," he said.

"Agreed," Anya said.

Lincoln ushered the two out the door and pointed towards another door at the end of the corridor.

"Wait outside of that door," he commanded, "I'll only be a minute."

When he was sure that they were out of his voice's range, he let out a small chuckle. Lincoln always had a plan, and this one was better than the first.

As Ben walked through the hallway away from Lincoln, he thought he heard a small chuckle come from behind him.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 03:16

"Im waiting for Private Anderson, hes with me."

"Sir, the doc said im all good told me to come with you guys."

"Good grab your gun and get ready were heading to the ONI base."

"Yes sir."

They walked outside and the spartan noticed a chuckle behind him, nevertheless he continued outside with Anya.

"Hey Ed, Anya keep an eye out for Lincoln."

The spartan stepped on to the pelican and waited for the team.

He decided to try the other spartans one more time.

"S-088 you copy this is spartan B227."


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 04:15

[I want to clear this up right now, but any conversational dialogue my character says that isn't in quotation marks is happening in her head. So fair warning.]

She walked along the spartan, it was humorous on the differences of heights and builds. Here Anya was, short and adequacy skinny propped next to the tall and muscular spartan next to her.

There was still something though, through all the surprise and shock of finally meeting a spartan, it was anger and resentment. If the Spartans were all that they were talked about, then why was the covenant knocking on Earth's door and why did her family get brutally murdered by the Covies?

Anya felt the animosity building in her core, Anya, keep an eye out for Lincoln." The spartan said as he departed for a nearby Pelican.

And why's that? Why shouldn't I be keeping an eye on you Spartan, unless I find out you're not what your hyped out to be.

Anya forced herself to say, "Yes, sir." but in reality she would be watching
the both of them.

Something wasn't right here, something wasn't right.

Anya stood at the door, watching outwards at the Pelican when a hand grabbed her shoulders, surprising her and making her jump in surprise.

"Antsy are we dear?" said nobody else but the shadowy and mysterious Lincoln.

Oh yes, she was going to watch the both of them.

[Your ball Epsilord]


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by iFreebird on August 22nd 2012, 05:45

" Ben this is S-088 my pelican is landing now. I'm at some hospital" Jason stepped off the pelican with a squad of marines behind him he made is way to the inside as refugees began getting into the pelican he just got off. He looked around " its the same in every battle. They come to these places for safety and it just puts them in more danger."

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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 11:05



Ben didn't trust Lincoln. He carried himself with a certain pride that was usually associated with crooks.

Aside from the drone of the turbines, the interior of the Pelican was silent.

Until he received the call.

"Ben, this is S-088, my Pelican is landing now. I'm at the hospital."

Even without telling Ben his name, he could tell it was Jason.

Ben smiled slightly inside of his helmet. Jason was a good fighter and he always looked out for his squad and those around him.

"Sir," Ben started, "We have to go back."

Lincoln and Anya looked at the Spartan with a sense of shock.

Lincoln shook his head, "We are not going back."

Ben started, "But a Spar-!"

A look from Anya cut him short.


"I don't care if there's an army of Spartans," Lincoln continued, "We have our mission."

The Spartan turned away from Anya and Lincoln.

The Pilot's voice was heard inside of all of their helmets: "10 Minutes until we get to the ONI building. The LZ will be a little hot, but I can clear some of it."

Lincoln smiled.

Maybe I don't have to kill them off after all... With chances like these, they will probably get killed by the Covenant.


Anya checked her rifle. She would have preferred to gone back and pick up the Spartan and whoever else was with him. Anya didn't know much about him, but B-227 scared her, but Lincoln frightened her.

In a few minutes, the ONI building came into sight. A huge portion of the top corner of the building was torn off and purple and blue plasma explosions filled the air with disgusting smoke.

Banshees and Falcons were locked in air-combat, but neither side could seem to gain the upper hand.

"Alright!" Lincoln said. "Now this is combat!"

Then the first Banshee Bomb hit the Pelican.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 20:03

"But a Spar-!"

Anya shot him a glare that could pierce souls, the Spartan seemed to get it and shut up. The rest of the trip was rather quite despite the few comments from Lincoln that she didn't even care to hear, all she wanted to hear was the constant hum of the Pelican's engines. It was constant and somehow soothing, but it could only help so much.

She was still herewith this ragtag team with one over confident Spartan and one creepy a** police officer. She didn't understand why "they" were going to secure an ONI base, of all things. Don't they have actual squads of qualified personnel, like the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers or something? It just unnerved her that the UNSC was this empty handed.

"Alright, now this is combat!" said Lincoln a little too enthusiastically, like he was enjoying this. Anya didn't take that well, she gave into her anger and stood up and made the motions on punching Lincoln in the face when an explosion rocked the Pelican.

It took a direct hit from a banshee.

The force knocked Anya straight into Lincoln's chest and onto his seat.

"We're going down, hold onto something!" yelled the pilot.

All the spartan had to do while Anya and Lincoln were holding on for dear life was to magnetize his boots.

Fuck you! she thought in her head as the pelican spun faster and faster, the outside became to turn into a blur.

The centripetal force tugged at her, trying to pull her out off the Pelican and t her death, but she wasn't going to die here.

"Everybody hold on!" the pilot again yelled into their mics.

Mere moments later they hit the ground.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 20:29

[The Plan Part 2: Crash-site]


The moment the Pelican started spinning was the moment Lincoln started to lose hope. He had survived too many battles to die in a pathetic Pelican crash.

Everything after those thoughts was a blur. The yelling of the pilot, the scream of Banshees and the terrible noise from hitting the ground nearly burst Lincoln's ear drums.

And then everything went dark.


Looking at the body of the NAPD Officer, Anya fought the urge to free him from the rubble. A moment later, she found herself pulling him from the flaming remains of the Pelican. She despised this creepy man, but she didn't want to be left alone with the Spartan either. Anya thought the Spartan had died in the crash, but moments later, he emerged from the rubble with minor scuffs.

She looked around at her surroundings. The ONI building was less than 100 meters away, but she was exhausted and undoubtedly wounded.

The Spartan came over to her and said, "I'll carry him to the building."

Anya walked away from Lincoln's body and the Spartan effortlessly tossed the man over his shoulder. In his other hand, he wielded an SMG.


As Ben and Anya trudged toward the ONI building, an ambushed was initiated.

Jump-Pack Brutes rained down from the balconies off the tall building.

Ben counted seven in all.

This should be interesting.

Benjamin quickly fired at the Brutes, maiming at least three and mortally wounding another.

Anya pulled out her SMG and lossed a few well-placed shots into the falling Brutes. She killed two that Benjamin had wounded and wounded the remaining unscathed Brutes.

The fired Concussion Rifles and Spikers with reckless accuracy, but Ben was still hit with a few red-hot needles.

Moments later, the Brutes landed and Benjamin and Anya engaged the surviving Brutes. They made short work of the monstrous creatures, but Anya still suffered minor injuries.

A few moments later, they pried open the heavy doors to the ONI building and walked inside.

Benjamin spotted a man and knew in an instant that this man was related to Lincoln. It was Admiral Sandburg: the only Admiral left in New Alexandria.


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

Post by Guest on August 22nd 2012, 21:13

Emerging from the ruble of the pelican B227 was carrying Private ed who had what seemed like a few scraches so the spartan put him down.

Seeing the down officer "I will carry him to the building."

After the confrontation with the brutes and they arrived to the oni building the spartan approached the Admiral.

"Hey I believe you know this officer"Placing the officer on the nearest table.

" Admiral I need to go back out there so if your done with me I need to make contact with the other spartan team. Do you have a warthog." He walks over to private Ed.

"I'm making sure yuo get through this lets go."

They begin walking to the door


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Re: Fall of New Alexandria

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